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Gold Ribbon Hero Ylija G

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Why Ylija Gomez is a Gold Ribbon Hero!
This little girl was like no other, her presence when she walked into a room was remarkable.  She loved every one she came in counter with and they too felt the same.  She was a happy child who joked about everything till her last breath.  Ylija Gomez is my niece. She was diagnosed with glioma blastoma brain stem cancer in 2010. I remember her going through the most difficult mornings of her life,  but she still managed to come out smiling. She was really close to her grandparents Mr.Domingo & Maria Campos of New Braunfels Tx. Domingo whom is my father died on May 13,2012. I remember him telling me one day that he asked God to take him before her cause he knew he couldn’t handle it. Her last couple of months all she could talk about was she couldn’t wait to see her Dad again aka her grandfather.  So on February 26th of 2013 she went to be with the Lord.  Though I feel a great sense of pain not being able to be their on this day, I am content knowing that she was not scared nor did she cry. All she worried about was her mommy… this little girl was a fighter till the end! She was amazing and had the most incredible personality. She was a beautiful person inside and out.  I want her to know that because she came into my life for a short period of time I am forever blessed and thankful.  I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. Till this day I always remember to tell you 2 good morning and goodnight:) cause your the start of my everyday and no matter how my day goes your the last person I get to talk to which makes any day a million times better. I love and miss you ylija, Love Always Your Nena…” – Daniela C



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