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Gold Ribbon Hero Rayanthony B

“Ray is our hero because at the age of 4 Ray was diagnosed with AML Ray started treatment immediately,he went into remission about 18 months later, just when Ray was about to start his second road of chemotherapy he received the news that he had a donor match,so Ray went straight in to transplant mode getting test ran and receiving several doses of radiation because upon relapsing his cancer had spread around his spin. Although this was very hard and complicated having to deal with a compromised immune system and receiving blood, and platelets several times a week, Through all this Ray stayed positive thru it all inspiring others including my self Ray has put on concerts and performances for the staff and the patients on 4 west. Ray anthony’s dream is to be an actor and a performer, to continue to spread the word on finding a cure for all childhood cancers. Rayanthony, has even started a petition at his school , he is asking that every one that signs it does at least one thing to help find a cure for all cancers, he has over 50 signatures from the teachers an the students. Rayanthony is also very involved in his karate class they collected toys for Oshner hospital, and started a fund for a young man named Jordan that has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer, Team Jordan has raised a lot of needed funds for his parents, Ray anthony also donated a pretty good amount from his own money. Rayanthony at the age of 9 is a true hero” – Nika  S

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