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Gold Ribbon Hero: Leonardo


Meet Leonardo, soft tissue sarcoma warrior and an aspiring superhero and fisherman!

Leonardo was diagnosed with a desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT) in 2020 after vomiting landed him in the pediatrician’s office. When Leonardo was diagnosed “we were completely shocked about this rare childhood cancer. My son looked very healthy” remembers Ainalez, Leonardo’s mother.  DSRCT is a very rare, aggressive and fast growing soft tissue childhood cancer with no current standard of treatment or cure. 

Treatment began almost immediately and he recently rang the bell for radiation. Leonardo had a whole tumor resection in May 2020 and has participated in a clinical trial to prevent relapse. Doctors are calling him a “miracle boy.” Leonardo continues to beat the odds with a healthy immune system despite so many invasive treatments. 

Leonardo’s energy is boundless and most days, you can find him playing with Hot Wheels. He is looking forward to beginning school this month. 

Learn more about soft tissue sarcomas here.


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