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Gold Ribbon Hero Leah G

“Leah was 16 when she was diagnosed with a GBM stage 4 brain cancer . She had the tumor removed on Nov 26 th of 2012 and it turned out that tumor was encapsulated !
But she still had to go through 32 radiation treatments and 14 month of Chemo .
She finished her regimen on Feb . 24
2014 ! All her MRI’s had been clear of cancer all the way till March of 2014 !
Then during the middle of April of 2014 she started showing weird symptoms , we were thinking that she maybe was dealing with the aftermath of her chemo regimen .
Leah started getting weaker and losing more mobility with every day .
She also had moments of not remembering things , peoples names etc.
She did go to her senior prom on May 3rd . On the Monday after prom she had a doctor appointment , her doctor was very concerned seeing her condition .
He scheduled her next MRI earlier then previously planed .
I got the call from her doctor shortly after : asking me to please sit down:
Leah had a new tumor , this time in a spot that there was no surgery possible !! Also due to the size of the tumor , no radiation possible !
The only option : more chemo to buy her more time ! Hoping for a miracle of course .
Leah declined very fast and within 3 month of her relapse passed away on August 7th 2014!
She was the most caring and loving , fun young lady ! The best daughter a mother could ask for . Throughout her 2 years of fighting she never complained and still was supporting others !
I miss her more with every day” – Gabi G

Leah G

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