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Gold Ribbon Hero Katelyn G. | Leukemia

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Katie is our little miracle baby, born 17 years after her big sister we had long ago given up hope of having another baby. At three weeks old she was put on digoxin and Lasix because she was born with two holes in her heart and pulmonary stenosis. It started a long three years of meds and tests and worry. But she surprised all her doctors and amazingly in time her heart was able to heal itself, she no longer required meds and the artery had widened and one hole has closed and the other has grown much smaller. In May 2016 her cardiologist declared Katie would never need surgery. We were exstatic. Just a month later on June 21st, 2016 we began a whole new battle for her life, when Katie was diagnosed with leukemia. She had a biopsy and port placed and started treatment immediately. After six months of intense chemo Katie is doing great, she is in remission and started maintenance chemo on Dec 29th, 2016. Katie has already faced so much in her 4 short years but she is strong and a trooper, Our little warrior. Katie loves dragons and dinosaurs and babies and being outside. Her favorite thing is hanging out with her peeps (her two nieces and three cousins). She is always smiling and happy. We know she will overcome this too. Her story is on Katie’s Krusade on Facebook.” – Susan G



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