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Gold Ribbon Hero: Jackson

Meet Jackson, a 4-year-old acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) warrior and 2024 ACCO Ambassador.

Jackson was just three years old when he received the diagnosis of ALL. It all started in September of 2023 when he had persistent fevers, pale skin and low energy. His mother, Meaghan, remembers that “he hardly wanted to play with his twin brother, Henry, so we knew something was wrong.” Jackson was tested one month before diagnosis and doctors said it was a virus. There was no evidence of leukemia at this point.

“Although the diagnosis explained why he wasn’t feeling well, there are no words to describe hearing that your child has cancer; our world was shattered. We were completely devastated to learn Jackson had leukemia. Our world changed forever,” said Meaghan.

The day of diagnosis brought tears and a lot of information for Jackson’s family to process. “They told us to pack a bag and head to the ER as soon as possible and to prepare for a long inpatient stay. Later that evening, we spoke to an oncologist who confirmed the results and reviewed the plan for the next two years.” Jackson spent an initial 32 days inpatient at Boston Children’s Hospital and endured numerous bone marrow biopsies, lumbar punctures, needle pokes, blood transfusions and chemotherapy treatments. By October, just a month after being diagnosed, he was in remission but will still have to complete two years of treatment to ensure his cancer doesn’t return.

Jackson became one of ACCO’s 2024 Ambassadors and has been helping create content to share with our community. He received our medical play kit and sent us some clips using it. Watch below as he listens to his heartbeat and interacts with the kit through play therapy.

The biggest obstacle that Jackson has to face is that he is away from twin brother, Henry while in the hospital. The pair had never been apart for more than a day and this was incredibly difficult and confusing for the both of them. They missed each other greatly.

Jackson loves cars, trucks and monster trucks! He loves watching Blaze, Bluey and Storybots. He loves riding his bike and walking his dog, Maddie.

Together, we can make a difference. Donate today, because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

Learn more about ALL here.

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