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Gold Ribbon Hero: Devyn

Meet Devyn, a 2-year-old stage 4 neuroblastoma survivor.

Shortly after Devyn turned one, she had eye swelling, sweating and pupil changes. After testing, biopsies and appointments, the doctors determined that Devyn had stage 4 intermediate risk neuroblastoma. Doctors found a large tumor in her chest and wrapped in her spinal nerves that had metastasized to lymph nodes in the right side of her neck. “The day of Devyn’s biopsy, both the surgeon and oncologist told us that the mass in her neck looked cancerous. We held our breath until that horrible phone call two days later confirming it was indeed, neuroblastoma. My husband and I are both nurses and we were devastated. We committed our lives to caring for others and never imagined illness would strike in our own home. There was a lot of silence and tears that day,” said Joanna, Devyn’s mother. 

Devyn underwent chemotherapy and scans to see if they tumors could be removed surgically. Following chemotherapy, the plan was to do surgery based on scans but we are happy to report that the scans came back clear of any disease. Devyn was declared in remission in the beginning of August and will start maintenance thereafter. 

“Devyn is a funny, spunky little girl who loves dancing, singing, and being outdoors. Her favorite thing to do is stomp around and pretend to be a dinosaur.” 

Devyn’s maintenance ends March 2024. 

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