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Gold Ribbon Hero: Geno

Meet Geno, a hepatocellular carcinoma hero.

In March 2010, Geno had constant fevers, bloody noses and a shoulder ache so his parents took notice. Geno was originally diagnosed from blood work with hypercalcemia and was transferred to a children’s hospital to be treated. The doctors performed tests which revealed a liver problem and ordered an ultrasound.

“Once we finally got a diagnosis, he was given a 50% chance if they were able to remove the tumor. When the tumor was removed, he lost too much blood in surgery and went into organ failure” remembered Katy, Geno’s mother.

With hepatocellular carcinoma, surgery is the sole treatment as it does not respond well to chemotherapy.

“Geno is my hero, everyday I wish he was here with me, his sister, grandmas. We miss him terribly, but I know he was a gift. He loved baseball, football but his family most of all. He loved life to the fullest and when he walked into the hospital before surgery, he looked at me and said, ‘let’s do this!’ He never woke up after that surgery.”

During Geno’s journey, he survived more than 10 surgeries in three months. One surgery lasted 15 hours where doctors removed two thirds of his liver. Geno gained his angel wings in June of 2010.


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