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Gold Ribbon Hero Damon B

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: My son Damon is 12.  He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at age 9 Jan. 31, 2014.  He instantly made became a viral sensation when Pharrell Williams sent him a very inspirational video: []  In the video Pharrell said Damon would do wondrous things and inspire many.  Damon took that to heart.  Damon has never been mad, sad or anything about his cancer.  He had a limb-salvage surgery April 2014.  His entire humerus was dead and he had a massive tumor.  They managed to save his arm.  He then endured another 10 months of very hard chemo.  Jan. 2015 he was declared Cancer Free.  Damon continued to inspire many.  In 2015 He was given the Courage Award from the Sarcoma Foundation of America and the Shining Star Award from The Ferrari Kid.  He became the spokeskid for the WNBA Silver Stars cancer program, San Antonio Rampage, he was part of the advertising campaign for University Health Hospital in San Antonio, he was featured on Entertainment Tonight [] and more. November of 2015 the osteosarcoma cancer returned in his arm.  At this point the only way to save his life was the amputate his left arm.  It is a high amputation (cut into his clavicle).  Do you know he told the doctors not to feel bad.  He didn’t want them to hurt or feel bad for having to cut off his arm.  He said he understood and was okay with it.  Yes….he’s only 12!!! He was in the news in May when he finally met Retired LTC Touchet.  Damon had inspired LTC Touchet for 2 years and the two talked back and forth.  When they met it was very emotional for the two of them: Recently Damon wanted to help the other cancer kids at University Hospital.  He wanted a bell for them to be able to ring when they were done with their chemo treatments and declared Cancer Free.  He admires Firefighters, so he thought a FireTruck Bell would be the best.  Through his efforts, not only did the San Antonio Fire Chief help get Damon a bell, the two of them found a way to not only have this bell be a Beacon of Hope to kids with cancer, but a way to honor those firefighters who passed away with occupational cancer.  On 25 Aug 2016 Damon, the San Antonio Fire Chief and the Mayor of San Antonio, Mayor Ivy Taylor, presented the bell to the hospital: Coming soon he will be featured in a Comic Book from MediKidz to support Osteosarcoma.  He is also writing a book about Cancer for other kids with Cancer to let them know you can still be Happy!   There are Super Heroes and there is Damon!  Damon is by Far, MY HERO!!” – Brian B                 










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