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Gold Ribbon Hero Arie B

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Well the first 11 months went great we couldn’t ask for better from a 29wk gestation baby. With only little minor colds & fevers with vaccines. A
few weeks before Arie 1st birthday she started wheezing and had on/off fevers.
She was diagnosed with what Dr. was calling “reactive airway” and “upper
respiratory infection.” A few days pass no changes, we return to the Drs only
this time fever not breaking so we walk out the office with another diagnoses of
an ear infections.

A few day later when getting Arie ready for a bath her diaper was full of blood clots. Of course we stay calm and call the Doctor the next day. We go to the Doctor and he want to “watch” her to see if it get better. Well it got worse and fact and started spiking fevers.  Now it time for further medical intervention.
So we’re at CNY Diagnostic getting the ultrasound done. As much as we wanted to leave cause we felt things was normal but the tech came back to tell us the doctor is on the phone. My life changed all I heard was the pediatrician say that there is something……. Dad finish the conversation with the doctor. The tears fell all night. Sept. 19, 2013 we heard “Yes your one year old baby has cancer”. She has a tumor that is pushing up on her diaphragm and it needs to be removed now. So this is the cause of the wheezing, fevers & blood in her urine.

On Sept. 23, 2013 surrounded by family & friends Arie was walked into the operating room to have her right kidney and the tumor removed.

Well the study came back and our world was crushed, why us. Again we heard some new we didn’t want… “We are sorry but Arie has a rare form of cancer that is normally not found in kids. It’s more aggressive and can hide in her bones. She has Clear cell carcinoma of the kidney.” We need to do stronger chemo and change her regime. There would not have been any changes in surgery or radiation that she already received
Throughout Arie life she dealt with a very suppressed immune system, chemo, radiation, blood and platelet transfusions and multiple hospital admittions.

On July 8, 2014 after being in the PICU 15days. Arie became our angel and took her last breath. She did not have the lung maturity to fight the pneumonia she was diagnosed with.” – Kimberly G



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