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Gold Ribbon Hero Brennan D

“Brennan is my son and is a cancer survivor. He has made a positive impact on my life and, as I’ve seen it, many others around me. In his battle with cancer, he redefined bravery and was an inspiration to a lot of people. The positive impact that I witnessed was in watching this three-old child, faced with an unfathomable challenge, completely conquer the illness without being phased, without fear, and never without a smile. In every instance where he felt badly, he only knew the good things that he felt. Each day of chemo and radiation was a day where he fought and won, going to sleep peacefully at night and waking up happy. Brennan is the first living superhero that I’ve ever met. He’ll be 5 years old tomorrow (9/4) and he continues to grow and face the world, cancer-free.” – Mike D

Brennan D

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