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Gold Ribbon Hero Abigail R.

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Despite being given a 3% chance of beating cancer at the age of 11 months old, Abigail over came the odds and entered remission. Since then, Abigail has graduated from Elementary School and is soon to graduate Middle School. Although she is still unable to read up to grade level or speak at age level, Abigail still fights everyday to succeed. Abigail never gives up no matter what she is faced with. Since entering remission, Abigail has been diagnosed with countless side effects from her chemotherapy. Regardless of what she is faced with, she always pushes through. Abigail is the strongest little girl and nothing will stop her. Currently, Abigail is undergoing radiation again for a skin disease which is still undetermined weather it is a side effect from the chemotherapy.” – Kate R.



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