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One Hundred Percent

100% – Is What the Survival Rate Should Be For All Kids with Cancer DAY 7: KIDS ARE NOT JUST LITTLE ADULTS If your child spikes a fever in the middle of the night, do you give him two adult Read more ›

Thirty Percent

30% – The Amount of GOG Federal Funding Cuts Over the Past Ten Years Day 6: 30% – amount of COG federal funding cuts over past 10 years (adjusted for inflation) Providing a Voice for the Voiceless – By S. Stephen Read more ›

Ninety Percent

90% – The Number of Kids with Cancer Treated at COG (Children’s Oncology Group) Hospitals Day 5: 90% – number of kids with cancer treated at Children’s Oncology Group (COG) hospitals Children and adolescents with cancer are in a constant Read more ›

Zero Percent

0% – The Current Survival Rate for Many Childhood Cancers Day 4: 0% – The Current Survival Rate for Most Childhood Cancers “Imagine that you had a cherubic, mischievous, energetic and moody two year old with flashing blue eyes, a Read more ›

100 Types

100’s – The Number of Different Types of Cancers in Children #StepUp #SoundOff It is a parent’s worst nightmare: taking your child to specialist after specialist to diagnose the strange symptoms he or she is experiencing, only to hear the doctor utter Read more ›

71 Years Lost

71 – The Average Years of Life Lost When a Child Dies of Cancer #StepUp #SoundOff 71 LOST YEARS—A MOTHER’S PERSPECTIVE – WATCH VIDEO What if she had another 71 years?  Why 71 years? Because that is what I’m told is Read more ›

Step Up

Step Up: More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research Ask Congress to Step Up with More Funding for Childhood Cancer Good Morning ACCO Members, Today is the launch of the first stage of #StepUp social media campaign, which will run for the Read more ›