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What Does ACCO do?

What does ACCO do? If you have ever wondered what ACCO does, we would love to share! To put it in simple terms is difficult, but first and foremost we are here to help you, the children and families facing childhood cancer, while you are going through the battle and after you are no longer fighting it.

We provide free resources to help parents, teens and children understand what a diagnosis means and how to navigate this new, scary world. We help get you the information and the resources you need to find the right doctors, facilities, treatments and offer teaching tools to help your little warrior face these doctors, facilities and treatments with less fear and uncertainty. We do our best to help lessen the extraordinary stress and anxiety you and your little warrior are bombarded with once you hear those four dreaded words, “your child has cancer”, and we can do this with confidence from our own experience with childhood cancer.

We give a voice to those who don’t have one. We help to bring awareness to the nation about childhood cancer and do this through our advocacy programs. We are on the forefront of the battle lines, bringing that voice, responsibly, to congress and other national institutes or organizations that can make a difference in funding and resources available to our childhood cancer families. And, we know how to open appropriate and healthy lines of communication with these institutes or organizations to foster good, long lasting relationships that result in progress and optimal results. We also represent our families on the International front with hopes of creating a universal communication that promotes extensive sharing of critical data and metrics that can help improve research for better treatments.

We provide many ways for people, organizations and businesses to partner with us and stand up against childhood cancer together, by becoming a division, affiliate, starting you own “organization” under our 501c3 in your child’s name using our Founding Hope program, by hosting an event such as GoGold® or PJammin® or through other several other means that allow you to get involved. We know we are stronger as a united voice!

Overall, we want you to know we are here for you and will do and provide whatever we can to help you when and where you need it most. Please, if you are a family currently fighting or have fought childhood cancer, send us an email or complete our contact form on our website. We have so much to offer and are here to help – “…because kids can’t fight cancer alone”

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