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Gold Ribbon Hero Xena R

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Xena The Warrior Princess was diagnosed with AT/RT in January of 2015. She had a total resection of the tumor of the cerebellum of her brain on January the 15th. She went under many test to prepare her for what was ahead. She began her first round of chemotherapy on February 11th. She experienced an allergic reaction to one of the chemotherapy medications but she did not let this get her down. She pushed through and completed the second round of  chemotherapy. She began proton beam radiation on April 13 and had twenty seven rounds ending on May 20th. She breezed through. She then under went many test to prepare  for last but most three aggressive rounds of chemotherapy. She was admitted on June the eleventh had chemo on the twelfth and thirteenth . Rest day on the fourteenth. On the fourteenth she will be receiving a stem cell infusion. After this she has two rounds exactly the same left. Through this all she has remained strong, cheerful and never let anything her her down. She has taught me how to remain strong.” – Danielle W


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