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Gold Ribbon Hero Tyler W | Osterosarcoma

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: He got osterosarcoma at 15 years old and begged to keep his leg the tumor was in his shin so he had full donor bone and plates put in.  Then the hard core chemo be gain again. The over dose was killing him and uva actually sent him home with hospice to die.  We wasn’t giving up so easy took him to Cleveland clinic where he was in full body organ shut down. His heart was also destroyed.  He was then sent to Cincinnati children’s hospital where they totally helped get his organs a bit happier but still in heart failure.  He had to be 2 years out of chemo before he got his new heart in the years waiting he had 3 open heart surgeries last one to implant the lvad. He was doing good 8 months to the date he got discharged to go home for a little while. He only had2 more months to wait for his new heart at this time.  He was home 3 days before rushing him back to the hospital where 2 days later he passed away from septic shock. All the fighting and never giving up then he dies from an infection.  We are devastated. This boy was a true meaning of what a hero is. He was truly amazing and wanted to live so badly never complained about pain he just wanted to live. He made me so proud and surprised many many doctors.  Tyler Wiseman is a true meaning of a true HERO” – Shelley W.


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