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Gold Ribbon Hero Tanya M

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: When my friend Lauras daughter desi ” believing for desi” was diagnosed with nuroblastoma last year ,Tanya went to work full steam ahead for ger friend and family .Keep in mind Tanya is a mother of two as well. She helped launch the fb page for comnunicaton , she launched thd go fund me page which rIsed over $250,000 . Shes helped find private charters flights so desi with compromised immune does not have to fly commercial. Tanya has been present at every fund raising event possible and there has been alot. She was team captain at ACS relay for life this year for Teamdesi.She has dropped off; picked up dejah & derek from school to help out .Cooked ,clean anything that hss been needed she has been there. All while managing her own full life and also still helping others. Tanya has personally talked to our community representative Raul Ruiz about helping to increase funding for children s cancer research. Tanya advocates children s cancer needs at every possible opportunity. Tanya is an extrodinay human,who gives tirelessly to her family,and community. I nominate her wholeheartedly as an advocate for children’s cancer research and well-being of those children fighting this horrible disease. Tanya Moreno is my Gold Ribbon Hero” – Patty H.




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