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Gold Ribbon Hero Shera W

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: My Gold Ribbon Hero is my beautiful daughter Shera Williams, just right after her 12th birthday she started to get sick, which I thought was a common cold or allergies,  but she stop eating,  I asked if she had a sore throat? She replied “No mom,  I just feel like I’m going to choke on my food.”  I took her in to get checked,  she had no symptoms of a cold.  I keep her home for a week,  she was getting weaker, complained of her legs and arms hurting and tinkling on the left side, was staggering when she walk.  She did feel a little better by the end of the week. So she went to school the next week,  she fell at school twice, on that Thursday she almost fell down the stairs at school, a teacher took her to the nurse’s office, where they did vidals, her oxygen level was as low as 65. I took her to urgent care, where they transported her to San Juan Regional Medical,  they admitted her with pneumonia.  The next morning the doctor was making his rounds,  noticed her head bopping a little asked if that was normal,  told him no,  that she has been doing that since last summer of 2015.  Told him her doctor did tests but wanted her to see a specialist in Albuquerque,  but they told me they could not get her in until November of 2016, she was very surprised.  So he got us in to see the specialist, they flew us to Albuquerque,  Saturday morning did an  MRI, where the nightmare began, they told me she had a brainstem tumor, than they flew us to Denver that afternoon to Children’s Hospital Colorado.  She had surgery on the May 2, 2016. Her biopsy report came back on the 9th, and Dr. Foreman told me she had cancer,  she was diagnosed with glioblastoma and at a grade IV, they started radiation treatment right away. We stayed in Denver until June 25, 2016. We were able to come home.  She is still living with cancer, but doing much better, and getting stronger everyday. She is back to school,  “only half a day” but she is doing well. I pray everyday for a miracle.” – Zillah W


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