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Gold Ribbon Hero: Regan Schott

Regan’s journey:

Regan was diagnosed at 7 months old with stage 4 MRT… she fought hard without any complaining or fussing for 6 months before being given the terminal diagnosis. She was always a ball of energy and smiles. If you didn’t know she had cancer you’d never have been able to tell from her actions. She always had bright eyes for the doctors and nurses while making them laugh. She was strong all the way until the last days and even at the end she managed to find a way to smile. She will always be my hero and my personal angel.

Why Regan is a Gold Ribbon Hero:
She’s a gold ribbon hero because she didn’t once complain about treatment, or being stuck in hospitals. She always went with the flow and seemed to make the best out of all of her situations. While her journey was short, it was hard and she took it like a champ. Even proving doctors wrong on a few occasions and always giving the nurses a reason to smile.

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Date of Diagnosis:

In Memory

Cancer Type:
Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor (MRT) Stage IV

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