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Gold Ribbon Hero: Maddi

Meet Maddi, an astrocytoma warrior.

For one year, Maddi suffered from chronic headaches that were lessened with allergy medications. Maddi delayed her speech until she was well over two years old. She began complaining of headaches at three years old and at four, when she began Pre-K, her headaches became more frequent and intense. Doctors suspected her headaches were because of poor eyesight so a strong prescription was given to her parents. At five years old, Maddi was in kindergarten and complaining of excruciating headaches. 

The cause of Maddi’s migraines was pilocytic astrocytoma hydrocephalus. She was put on chemotherapy immediately and despite 19 months of treatment, Maddi’s tumors did not respond. She was accepted into a study that would help shrink the tumor by 37%. 

As a side effect of her treatments, Maddi has gained weight at a rapid pace which caused severe obstructive sleep apnea with oxygen needed. When this happened, Maddi received an emergency tonsillectomy and adenoidal surgery to correct the obstructions and now she is oxygen-free. 

As of April 2024, Maddi’s tumor has shrunk and she is enjoying being a kid. She enjoys swimming and making new friends. 

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