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Gold Ribbon Hero Lisa T

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Her Granddaughter Nova Jo was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia B Cell,when she was 4 she is now 6.  She is currently in remission with only two chemo therapy sessions left.  I do not know her entire story.  I do know she has been there supporting her and her family through her  journey.  She is a Strong woman and so loving and kind.  She does for others before doing for herself.  She is a great friend of my Mothers and my long time friend Cindy as well.  I have only met her via Facebook due to me being in Florida for my Brain Injuey Therapy.  But she has been there to speak to me daily and inspire me as well through my tough time.  She is a great woman.  I can only imagine how amazing of a grandmother she is and Mother she is as well.” – Nena W


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