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Gold Ribbon Hero Korbyn M

Incredible Strength and Courage

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: I think my grandson is a Gold Ribbon Hero because from the time he was diagnosed with high risk ALL at 9 months until present day, 32 months old, Korbyn has displayed incredible strength and courage. As his grandmother, I am amazed how he has endured the treatments he has received – countless rounds of chemo, clinical trial chemo, weekly central lines bandage changes, radiation and a bone marrow transplant. Sadly, none of this treatment has kept Korbyn’s cancer away. We are all thankful Korbyn was accepted for a clinical trial at CHOP for CAR T cell therapy. Korbyn and his parents will travel from their Oviedo, FL home to Pennsylvania in July and will be there for 6 weeks for treatment. Korbyn never met a stranger and puts a smile on the nurses, techs, doctors faces day in and day out. There is nothing sweeter then his smiling face, blowing kisses and giving bear hugs, never waivering his dynamic personality. I tell anyone who will listen, Korbyn is my hero. We would love for you to follow Korbyn on this next adventure on his facebook page, KORBYNS KOURAGE. Please feel free to share and follow.” – Cindy R.


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