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Gold Ribbon Hero Kendyl F

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: KENDYL has the biggest heart. She is a 14 year neroblastoma survivor.  She was 14 months old when the doctors found her tumor. And she had been a fighter ever since. She gives a 100 percent at whatever she does. She doesn’t give up. She wants to help everyone around her. KENDYL Has Been Our Relay FOR Life Captain FOR 13 years. SHE RAISES MONEY to find a cure for cancer, so her children will not have to go  through what she went through. The doctors told me that she might not walk, boy was they wrong. Kendyl is the goalie of her soccer team. She puts her whole heart in protecting that goal. Just like she does with everything that comes her way. I think we’ll I know she will be a great gold ribbon hero, because she us truly a hero to so many people.” – Stephanie F


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