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Gold Ribbon Hero Jordan B

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Jordan is an extraordinary child.  After being diagnosed with ALL, his first question was “Am I going to die”, my immediate response was “no baby, God will see you through this”.  Jordan has been in great spirits since that day.  Despite taking all the medications and hating to take them, he does it because he knows one day it will all be over.  He tells everyone he has cancer but he’s doing good.  Even with his hair loss, he never cried, he showed everyone with pride!  He is now 7 years old and is in the Maintenance phase, his hair has grown back, and he has more personality than before.  His compassion for others has grown since his diagnosis.  He has been so strong and grown up about this entire process that he even amazes his doctors and nurses.  He doesn’t complain about his procedures, although, he does try to rush the doctors and nurses so he can get back home, all he has ever said is “mommy, I’ll be glad when I beat cancer and my port can come out”.  He is truly a fighting champion and so deserving of this nomination.” – Brianna B

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