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Gold Ribbon Hero Kendall B

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: The day that we told Kendall that he had cancer, he cried and cried. He began to lift his head and said to us “I’m going to be a superhero and kick this cancer butt. Since that they he hasn’t cried anymore. There are days when don’t feel his best, but he wake up every morning and ask the Lord to give him strength to fight. He tell me some days that he’s tired, but he can’t give up and that he’ll try his best to fight through it. This child inspirer me everyday, I suffer from migraines, but after watching my son fight and pray everydayfor his strength, gives me the energy to fight through the headaches. I tell myself, surely if children can fight the battle of cancer and its treatments, I can most definitely fight through a headache. I nominate Kendall because not only has he inspires adults but children who cross his paths.” – Shaketa B


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