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Gold Ribbon Hero Katherine K

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: I cane across Katherine Kings story one day while scrolling through instagram. One photo among many caught my eye. A mothers agonizing cry, as she held on to her lifeless 6 childs body. Jaime King was the first parent I had ever seen strong enough and brave enough to share the graphic, gut wrenching and ugly truth about childhood cancer. I was captured by her story. Even though i never met Katherine, I felt like I knew her from the photos and captions her mother Jaime described. I felt every emotion. I couldnt ignore Katherines story and I became more and more aware about the tragic reality of childhood cancer. DIPG in this case. She shared videos and photos of Katies very last moments and touched so many hearts. If you search on instagram #KatherineTheBrave and scroll back to June you will see exactly what I mean. She also has a facebook Katherin The Brave.” – Chika A


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