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Gold Ribbon Hero Janea A

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: My daughter fought CHILDHOOD Bone Cancer(Osteosarcoma) for 2 years, before passing. She was diagnosed at age 12, after finding a tumor on her left tibia. She endured 10 months of the normal chemo protocol for this type of cancer, along with a knee and partial tibia replacement. She finished chemo, only to have an amputation 3 months later, due to damage from chemo. She then, another 3 months later, relapsed. Chemo no longer worked, and eventually spread to her brain, causing her passing. She lived her life inspiring others, and being from a small town, she left a huge imprint on many hearts! She always had a smile on her face, and if it wasn’t for the obvious leg, you would never know she was sick. She enjoyed life. She handled the news of her passing with the most strength I had ever seen in her! She dreamed of attending prom, as her passing was to take her before she would finish the 8th grade. Her dream came true, as the local community came together and arranged for her to attend prom, her older brother along side as her date. He had graduated the prior year, so neither of them were students there, but the school was happy to let them attend. It was one final great lifetime experience that my two children would share. My daughter spent the next day in excruciating pain, and then passed the following morning! She lived, and passed with more courage than I have ever seen! Her brother was her hero, and she was ours! This is a picture of my daughter and son, just 36 hours before she passed.” – Melony S


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