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Gold Ribbon Hero: Grayson

Meet Grayson, a 10-year-old brain tumor and spinal cord tumor survivor! Read on for his inspiring, five-year battle and how he persevered. Grayson grh

In October 2014, Grayson was a normal four year old boy – he loved playing ball, legos and being a normal kid. He started developing alarming symptoms like lethargy, dizziness and vomiting. Grayson was rushed to the ER by his parents and after much testing, it was revealed that he needed to be life flighted to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. His brain had to be drained immediately because the pressure almost killed him. Six days later the neuro-oncologist gave the diagnosis to his parents. “This was one of the hardest days of our lives. We were told our spunky, smart, ball-loving, best squealer, four-year-old son had brain cancer: grade 2 diffuse astrocytoma (thalamus area), which is located in the middle of his brain, and it was inoperable.”

Options were limited for Grayson and included radiation treatment with chemotherapy or do nothing. He completed 30 rounds of radiation treatment without sedation teamed up with oral chemotherapy, MRIs and determination.

Nearly three years later, Grayson’s medication was switched. Grayson and his family traveled from the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital to Children’s Hospital of Colorado. His new neuro-oncologist suggested taking him off of his medication which meant he was currently off of all cancer fighting drugs. He was not participating in radiation, chemotherapy or mekinist for 19 whole months. Two years later, a routine 3 month MRI revealed there was a very small spot contrast enhancing region in the original mass. Three months later, the hot spot was still present but changing on the MRI. It was decided in July 2019 that Grayson needed to be put back on Mekinist. In November 2019, Grayson was taken into surgery with “Rosa the Robotic Arm” to conduct a needle biopsy and thermal ablation.

In Grayson’s most recent update, he has been healing well from his brain surgery in December and his hot spot is reduced. According to his mom, Chelsey, “We are not dealing with grade 4, and the “hot spot” that was becoming a problem from January 2019 to November 6th has been thermally blasted. They will continue to watch Grayson closely (3 month trips to Denver for MRIs).” 

Grayson loves legos, hot wheels and playing with his siblings and friends. His mom said he is the best hugger!

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