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Gold Ribbon Hero Gavin R

Gold Ribbon Hero Gavin R

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Gavin was diagnosed with brain cancer just after his 5th birthday. He lost his ability to swallow, talk, walk and pretty much partake in every activity a normal 5 year old boy enjoys doing. After removing 40% of the tumor, the doctors were unsure if Gavin would ever regain functional abilities again. It has been two years since Gavin’s diagnosis and since then, Gavin has regained the ability to talk, walk and so much more. He has that kind of contagious smile where someone having the worst day could look up at him and instantly feel hope. His unrelenting drive and determination to defy the doctor’s expectations is truly inspiring. It has been two years, and while Gavin still has a long fight ahead of him, each and every doctor’s visit brings more positive news. Gavin is a Gold Ribbon Hero because he sees light in every situation no matter how small the flame or how great the darkness.” – Cassandra H


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