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Gold Ribbon Hero Aaliyah E

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: A little background info Aaliyah was diagnosed with leukemia (A.L.L.) at age 4years she began her two and half years of treatment she’s been threw so much not being able to attend that first year of school wich in long run put her behind wich were working on getting back on track now from losing her long curly golden blonde hair , then reviving chemo in her spine wich made her in unbearable pain to were sometimes she could barley walk to chest port pokes lab work learning to sallow pills watching other kids play but cant because her immune system was to weak or low to spiking fevers and having to stay in hospital.. Having to avoid things she loved as she’s not able to do 28th port or having a weakened immune system so Aaliyah is a Gold Ribbon hero because threw all this she has been strong brave courageous and never lost her smile fun or childhood to cancer she did not let it confined her or stop her . not only was strong for her but she  made everyone around her stronger, you would look at her in awe for everything she’s going threw to still have smile its just incredible.
She dosent realize how much she’s impacted my life but she’s my hero .” – Haley E






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