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Colorado Rock Bottom Restaurants Go Gold® for the Holidays!

15032876_10154297337917955_1320671439161824597_nACCO would like to welcome another amazing partner—Colorado Rock Bottom Restaurants—into our community and, more importantly, we would like to express our most heartfelt “thank you” for adding their support to the ongoing fight against childhood cancer! On November 16 and 17, five Colorado Rock Bottom Restaurants in Denver and Colorado Springs invited ACCO to help them kick off a month-long awareness campaign and fundraiser dedicated to supporting kids with cancer and their families.

And what an incredible kick-off it was! Downtown Denver Rock Bottom, along with Rock Bottom’s other locations, was decorated in gold—the national awareness color for childhood cancer—and the entire restaurant staff participated in this special event by wearing pajamas (why pajamas? See below!) or an ACCO Awareness Shirt highlighting the names of thousands of children whose lives have been impacted by childhood cancer. Staff members invited guests to learn more about ACCO and the critical importance of the fight against childhood cancer. And the highlight of the evening was the first tapping of Rock Bottom’s signature “Wicked Elf Ale”!

15107377_10154297334497955_2785245833449004905_nA portion of the proceeds from purchases made at any of the five Colorado Rock Bottom Restaurants between November 16 and December 31 will go to ACCO in support of its mission to give critical resources and learning tools designed to empower children and their families through every step of their cancer journey. ACCO provides these resources free of charge to any family facing a diagnosis of childhood cancer. Patrons are also offered the opportunity to make a donation for a gold ribbon voucher to be displayed in the restaurants throughout the holiday season. If you are in Denver or Colorado Springs between now and New Years’ Eve, we hope you will stop by a Rock Bottom Restaurant, enjoy an amazing meal, and make a contribution to the fight against childhood cancer!

Why Pajamas? Rock Bottom’s Corporate PJammin’® Event

We might guess that at first, patrons visiting Downtown Denver Rock Bottom on November 16 might have been a bit confused about why their server was wearing pajamas. Why pajamas? Because children fighting cancer spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months in the hospital, wearing pajamas, while undergoing intensive chemotherapy or surgical procedures. In fact, children in treatment for childhood cancer sometimes spend more time in their pajamas than they do in regular clothes!

The signature ACCO event, Pjammin’®, selected by Colorado Rock Bottom Restaurants to kick off their Go Gold® for the Holidays fundraiser, offers the opportunity to demonstrate understanding and compassion for what children facing childhood cancer go through. By wearing their pajamas, the amazing staff at Rock Bottom was sending a powerful message of caring to these children and their families, reminding them that they are not alone. As the team at Rock Bottom Restaurants have learned, Corporate PJammin’ events like this are an innovative and exciting way to foster team spirit while supporting an important cause that everyone can believe in.

If you are interested in organizing a Corporate PJammin’ or other signature event at your place of work, we encourage you to visit our website at for more information.

CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries, our newest partner in the fight against childhood cancer!

15095067_10154297337732955_3143916043002607770_nOnce again, ACCO would like to thank Kelley Cochran and the team at CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries, Inc., as well as the staff at all five Rock Bottom locations, for joining with us in the fight against childhood cancer. CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries is the parent company and “charitable arm” of Rock Bottom Restaurants, and is dedicated to working with organizations like ACCO to increase awareness of important charitable causes, as well as organize fundraising events. ACCO is so excited to have the opportunity to work with CraftWorks in the ongoing battle against childhood cancer. We are looking forward to supporting the “Rock Bottom Restaurants Go Gold® for the Holidays” through the rest of the year, as well as continuing this vital partnership into the New Year and beyond!15027422_10154297334332955_4930497998191043685_n

About American Childhood Cancer Organization

American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is a non-profit charity dedicated to helping kids with cancer and their families navigate the difficult journey from cancer diagnosis through survivorship. Internationally, ACCO is the sole U.S. member of Childhood Cancer International (CCI), the largest patient-support organization for childhood cancer in the world. Here in the United States, ACCO promotes the critical importance of ensuring continued funding into new and better treatment protocols for childhood cancer.  And most importantly, ACCO is focused on the children: developing and providing educational tools for children fighting cancer and their families, empowering them in their understanding of childhood cancer and the medical decisions they must make during this difficult journey. All of ACCO’s resources are available free of charge for families coping with childhood cancer.

For additional information about childhood cancer or on the ACCO, or to order resources for you or your child, please visit our website at , call 855.858.2226 or visit:

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