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4 Ways to Keep Your Community Involved


During your child’s journey, it can be difficult to keep your community updated, especially between multiple doctors appointments and treatments. Apps like GoFundMe and other various sites can help by simply sharing a website and following along.

Take a look at the following links to help spread the word on your child’s journey today:

  • Post Hope: This site provides users tools to create their own website to update friends and family about status. You can upload photos and other relevant information which can all be shared to social media. Community members can show support by adding posts, reading a journal entry, view important dates on the calendar and give a donation directly to the family.


  • Give Forward/GoFundMe: Tell your story and add pictures/videos that can be shared with family and friends. Collect donations and thank your community.


  • Lotsa Helping Hands: This site not only organizes a care calendar (for rides, meal delivery and appointments), but also takes comments (like well wishes) and includes a photo gallery. This platform focuses solely on coordination, communication and support from the community. More than 2.1 million meals have been delivered and 822K child care shifts have been covered as a result of this site.


  • Caring Bridge:  This all in one platform has many different features including personalized to-do lists, custom care plans and a calendar. Other features include a medication list, document storage, wellness journal, preparedness checklists and secure messaging to all village members.

In addition to the online resources listed above, make sure to register for ACCO’s free resources. Our book “Along the Way,” helps document the journey and keep all of your important documents in one place.

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