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2015 Go Gold® T-Shirt Campaign Results

2015 Go Gold® T-Shirt Campaign Was a Huge Success – Thank you! 

2015 Go Gold Shirt CampaignWe are overjoyed at the overwhelming success of this year’s Go Gold for Kids with Cancer® awareness t-shirt campaign! We simply cannot think of a better way to showcase the critical importance of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month than by celebrating the children who have been touched by this difficult, traumatic, and all-too-often deadly disease. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who participated in the campaign this year: from those who shared their child’s name and story with us, to those who purchased t-shirts and are wearing them proudly, and to those who shared your beautiful pictures with us. And a special thank you to Booster, who worked closely with the ACCO to design, produce, and ship these amazing t-shirts. We thank you ALL for making this year’s Go Gold for Kids with Cancer® T-Shirt campaign our most successful Awareness Event yet!

3,454 names of children

The 2015 t-shirt featured an incredible 3,454 names of children who have suffered from some form of childhood cancer. The names of these children cannot, indeed must not ever be forgotten, whether they are undergoing treatment now, are a survivor, or sadly left us far too soon. Childhood cancer continues to touch the lives of too many children, and today’s outdated and highly toxic treatment protocols are proving inadequate to the task of safely and permanently eradicating the threat this disease poses to our children.

Demand for this years’ t-shirt was so high that we extended the purchase deadline by one week to September 8, to ensure that everyone who wanted a t-shirt was able to get one and still receive it this month! With the second campaign ending last night, a total of 8,132 t-shirts have been ordered this year. We are so pleased, so excited at the thought of so many t-shirts and so many names being proudly displayed around the nation in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we are gratified that so many of you took the time to share with us your pictures of the shirts being worn proudly. Your active participation in this campaign helps us spread the word about the prevalence and severity of this disease, as well as the critical need for advanced research into new and better treatment protocols that fight the disease without the harmful late effects suffered by so many childhood cancer survivors.

2015 GoGold Shirt Vital role in enabling the ACCO’s mission

Our annual Go Gold® t-shirt campaign plays a vital role in enabling the ACCO’s mission to spread awareness about childhood cancer and the many children it affects every year. For too many years, childhood cancer was a silent killer, overshadowed by the overwhelming attention paid to adult cancers, but increasing awareness about this disease makes it easier to improve our advocacy campaigns at the highest levels in support of new research efforts into more effective and less toxic treatment protocols.

Offering high-quality, free resources

The Go Gold® t-shirt campaign also enables the ACCO to continue to offer high-quality, free resources to children and families currently facing a cancer diagnosis or dealing with late effects of a cancer treatment. These resources are designed to offer real, tangible, daily support and relief to children facing childhood cancer, as well as provide parents with the critical knowledge they need to navigate the difficult world of childhood cancer and make well-informed decisions about their child’s treatment and care. These resources play a vital role in empowering the lives of these amazing cancer warriors and their families, and your participation in this campaign helps make it possible to distribute these resources to all who need them, free of charge!

This year’s campaign is over, but we are already planning our next t-shirt campaigns and hope you will be just as eager to participate next year as you were this year!

  • International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) will be in February 2016, and the ACCO has already begun collecting names for our ICCD t-shirt! If you have the name of a child you would like to be included on this shirt, please click here  to submit his/her name. Please be aware that we can only collect names on a per project basis, and do not carry names over from one project to another.
  • We will begin collecting names for the 2016 Go Gold for Kids with Cancer® t-shirt in the spring. Look for an announcement on our website ( or our Facebook page!

The American Childhood Cancer Organization is dedicated to offering assistance, support, and guidance to children facing childhood cancer and their families. Founded and led by parents of children with cancer and survivors—the ACCO is guided by a deep, personal commitment to doing everything we can to make the lives of the children courageously battling this deadly disease easier. To find out how you can help, we encourage you to visit for more information on our critical mission and details on how you can help us eliminate this threat to our children forever.

…Because Kids Can’t Fight Kids Alone!®


For more information about the American Childhood Cancer Organization and how we can help, call 855.858.2226 or visit:


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