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The STAR Act Still Needs Your Help

200 and Counting: The STAR Act Gets Three More Sponsors, but STILL Needs YOUR Help! Children fighting childhood cancer never give up! Through the pain of illness, the discomfort of harsh treatment, and the boredom of long hospital stays, they Read more ›

STAR Act Needs Your Help

Today, the ACCO desperately needs your help. Today, we are reaching out to everyone in the childhood cancer community across the country and asking you to take action—because today, just one small action could make a very big difference in Read more ›

StepUp Signs

How will you #StepUp in September? It’s almost Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! How will you #StepUp in support of more funding for childhood cancer research this September? We have created 10 #StepUp Signs you could print out for your #StepUp Selfies. Read more ›

One Hundred Percent

100% – Is What the Survival Rate Should Be For All Kids with Cancer DAY 7: KIDS ARE NOT JUST LITTLE ADULTS If your child spikes a fever in the middle of the night, do you give him two adult Read more ›

Thirty Percent

30% – The Amount of GOG Federal Funding Cuts Over the Past Ten Years Day 6: 30% – amount of COG federal funding cuts over past 10 years (adjusted for inflation) Providing a Voice for the Voiceless – By S. Stephen Read more ›

Ninety Percent

90% – The Number of Kids with Cancer Treated at COG (Children’s Oncology Group) Hospitals Day 5: 90% – number of kids with cancer treated at Children’s Oncology Group (COG) hospitals Children and adolescents with cancer are in a constant Read more ›

Zero Percent

0% – The Current Survival Rate for Many Childhood Cancers Day 4: 0% – The Current Survival Rate for Most Childhood Cancers “Imagine that you had a cherubic, mischievous, energetic and moody two year old with flashing blue eyes, a Read more ›

100 Types

100’s – The Number of Different Types of Cancers in Children #StepUp #SoundOff It is a parent’s worst nightmare: taking your child to specialist after specialist to diagnose the strange symptoms he or she is experiencing, only to hear the doctor utter Read more ›

71 Years Lost

71 – The Average Years of Life Lost When a Child Dies of Cancer #StepUp #SoundOff 71 LOST YEARS—A MOTHER’S PERSPECTIVE – WATCH VIDEO What if she had another 71 years?  Why 71 years? Because that is what I’m told is Read more ›

Step Up

Step Up: More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research Ask Congress to Step Up with More Funding for Childhood Cancer Good Morning ACCO Members, Today is the launch of the first stage of #StepUp social media campaign, which will run for the Read more ›