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We Are One: Over 900,000 Children Raise Their Voices Against Childhood Cancer!

In January, childhood cancer advocacy and support groups from across the globe joined together to ask children and teens everywhere to raise their voices against childhood cancer.  The response has been overwhelming!  More than 900,000 children and teens from around the world joined the Child4Child campaign to raise their voices in song and let all children bravely battling this disease know that they are not alone.  And today, International Childhood Cancer Day 2016, the results of this incredible, world-wide awareness campaign are ready!

Today, the new hit song We Are One is globally available on all major streaming and music platforms, including Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music, Iheartradio, ITunes, Rhapsody, Shazam, Slacker, Spotify, Tidal, Xbox Music, and Youtube.

Watch the amazing, moving We Are One music video:

We Are One was written especially for the Child4Child campaign by prolific Hollywood composer and creator of the soundtrack for Disney’s Frozen Christophe Beck and his 12-year-old daughter Sophie.  The video was directed and edited by internationally-renowned director Johan Söderberg, best known for directing David Bowie’s last music video, as well as videos for Beyoncé and Madonna.  The verses of We Are One are sung by well-known and talented musical stars from around the world, including Sophie Beck, Livvy Stubenrauch (the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen), and Alexa Curtis (winner of The Voice Kids Australia 2014).  Cameron Dallas, Aaralyn O’Neil, Olivia Swinton, Fresh Ré, and so many other well-known talented children and teens have joined the chorus as well; indeed, celebrities from around the world have added their star power to this incredible, growing movement to raise awareness about the devastating impact of childhood cancer on children and their families.  But,

The voices you hear in We Are One are yours!

The faces you see in this special video are yours!

The World Unites to Fight Childhood Cancer in New Hit Song

The chorus of We Are One is a compilation of the voices of more than 900,000 children and teens who participated in the Child4Child campaign by recording themselves singing the powerful words.  In fact, the campaign became a trending topic on just hours after Child4Child launched on January 11.  But these amazing kids didn’t just record themselves singing; the energy and creativity that so many of them gave to this campaign simply amazed us.  They choreographed special dances, they lip-synced videos, and even created their own unique covers!  Children recorded themselves solo, with their siblings and families, with school groups and church groups, and most importantly, with and in honor of the special childhood cancer warriors who have touched their lives.

So, as Mr. Beck compiled these voices into a beautiful global chorus and Mr. Söderberg used as many videos and contributions as he could to create a powerful music video, We Are One truly is a global phenomenon, one that could not have been completed without you!  And we, the childhood cancer community in the United States and around the world, and in the name of the children and their families whose lives have been impacted forever by childhood cancer, thank you for your help and support.

The Child4Child Campaign Continues

Every day around the world, 700 children are diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer and countless more in low-income countries fail to receive a diagnosis due to lack of access to basic medical care.  Despite major advances in cancer treatment for many forms of adult cancer, 1 in 5 children who receive a cancer diagnosis will not survive, while those that do face life-long health problems as a result of today’s outdated childhood cancer treatments.  The goal of the Child4Child campaign is simple: to remind us of the terrible toll childhood cancer takes on children and their families today, to shine a spotlight on the urgent need for new and better treatment options, and to demand equal access to diagnosis, treatment, and even basic healthcare for children in low-income countries.

Today, on International Childhood Cancer Day, we remind you that the growing awareness of this disease and the powerful call for greater action that We Are One represents must continue.  Indeed, Child4Child is just one part of the on-going global campaign to make the voices calling for an end to childhood cancer louder than ever before.  To show your support, we encourage you to download this amazing new hit song and video, and continue the movement by going to and recording your support now!

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