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Since we received approximately 5,700 names, we have to divide them onto four different shirts. When ordering the shirts please be sure you are selecting the correct shirt. Names are in alphabetical order by last name or initial. For siblings, cousins or friends, the names have been placed together in order to print on one shirt upon special request, however a duplicate of that name will also be in alphabetical order for those who submitted the name separately. If you have sent a special request for this, please check the list to see if the names are together and what shirt they are on.


All edits and additions that were received before the deadlines of August 3rd have been added to the master list. Please be sure to check the additional tabs at the bottom of the list to see what shirt your requested addition was added to.


Please email with list any questions.

To review the list of names click the links below:


Shirts will be available for purchase until midnight EST on August 12, 2016. Please note that the list(s) is complete and contains ALL submitted corrections. Names used in the design thumbnail is not the actual list. The final list, with all edits and additions has beed updated and loaded to the document for review as of today, August 8th. Absolutely no further changes can be permitted for this run.
We’ve collected names on a per project basis and did not carry names over from project to project. If your child’s name is on this shirt or previous shirts, but you would like their name to be on the 2017 ICCD that will be available in January 2017 for International Childhood Cancer Day (February 15, 2017), please submit their name again using this link or the button below. Please note, starting on the 2017 ICCD campaign, we now have the option to carry names over, so please type “Yes” or “No” for the question “Save Name for Future Projects” on the submission form. We will only be collecting names using this link or the button below to help streamline the process.
Shirts ship only after the campaign ends (August 12, 2016), and usually require approximately two weeks for delivery. Please note we are also now able to ship internationally to: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Our goal is to have the shirts processed and delivered before Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, September 2016. Once you receive your shirt, we ask that you please try to wear your shirt as much as possible during this month, take a photo and email it to or post on our Facebook Page so that we may share the photo in our 2016 Go Gold Awareness Shirt Photo Album.
Thank You,
The Team at ACCO
Shirts are available for purchase until August 12, 2016. If you are receiving this email, you will also receive a text message with updates and notifications about the shirt campaign and a reminder about purchasing the shirts before the deadline. For any questions, please reply to this email and we will gladly help you.
Contact us at 1-855-858-2226