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Introducing the ACCO’s Newest Board Members

Welcome to Dr. Greg Aune and Mr. Clint Janson, ACCO’s Newest Board Members!

The ACCO is pleased to introduce Dr. Greg Aune and Mr. Clint Janson as the newest members of our Board of Directors, our volunteer leadership group dedicated to guiding and promoting the ACCO’s role as a grassroots leader in the childhood cancer community. Both Dr. Aune and Mr. Janson bring a wealth of both personal and professional experience to the Board, in addition to their expert contributions to the ACCO, fellow childhood cancer organizations, and the childhood cancer community in a variety of amazing ways. We are so excited at the opportunity to add their voice to the growing chorus of survivors and volunteers dedicated to supporting our childhood cancer warriors and their families. Dr. Aune and Mr. Janson: Welcome!

Dr. Greg Aune, MD, PhD

AuneGJ-passport_photoDr. Aune is a childhood cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 16 and as an adult, has suffered serious late effects as a result of the highly toxic chemotherapy regimens required to treat his disease. However, Dr. Aune has harnessed his personal experiences into a lifelong dedication to studying the impact of childhood cancer protocols on cardiac health, developing less toxic chemotherapy regimens, and building awareness about the critical needs for additional research on more effective, less dangerous childhood cancer treatments.

Now a highly successful physician scientist and pediatric oncologist, Dr. Aune directs the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute Shared Resources for Cardiac Function Assessment, where his laboratory research focuses on tumor biology and experimental therapeutics, and their potential impact on the cardiovascular system. Dr. Aune is also the Director of Survivorship Research for the South Texas Pediatric Cancer Survivorship program at University Hospital, where he serves as co-principal investigator and clinical director of the first investigator-initiated survivorship study in the South Texas region. In addition to his work with the ACCO, Dr. Aune is a member of the National Cancer Institute Community Cardiotoxicity Task Force, the Children’s Oncology Cardiometabolic Task Force, and most recently, the National Cancer Institute Council of Research Advocates (NCRA). He received his medical and research training at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the National Cancer Institute, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Mr. Clint Janson

clint2-5073Mr. Janson is a Principal at Mojo Lab LLC, an advertising agency and production house in Spokane, Washington that has collaborated with the ACCO as well as numerous local and international childhood cancer organizations on several critical fundraising projects, including the Kemper Foods Pizza Ribbon fundraising campaign. However, Mr. Janson’s dedication to fighting childhood cancer started long before Mojo Lab’s collaboration with ACCO. Mr. Janson first become interested in the fight against childhood cancer when he heard his brother-in-law’s story. Michael Moyles is a three-time brain cancer survivor! In 2010, Mr. Janson and Mr. Moyles founded Team Michael Moyles, a cancer charity fundraising team. While in Austin, Texas to accept national recognition for the success of this organization, Mr. Janson and Mr. Moyles participated in a 5k fundraising run led by dozens of pedicabs carrying local children battling cancer. Watching these brave cancer warriors only inspired Mr. Janson to work harder on behalf of all children facing this dreaded disease. He has since founded HOPE Run Spokane and works closely with the American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland NW. He is very excited to lend his experience and enthusiasm to the fight against childhood cancer at the national level through his participation in the ACCO Board of Directors.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Aune and Mr. Janson and the other ACCO Board of Directors and Staff, and the critical role they play in bringing national and international awareness to the importance of the on-going fight against this deadly disease, as well as the daily support they provide to families across the country facing a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship issues, we encourage you to visit for additional information.

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