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Gold Ribbon Hero Tyler W.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Tyler had Sarcoma cancer in his leg. He had so much chemo. Surgery. He was over dosed with way to much chemo. Leaving the drs at uva hospital in Va. Giving up on him and sending him home to pass.his parents wasn’t giving up and God had a much different plan for Tyler. After an over night stay at home, Tyler mainly in a coma type and only on oxygen. His parents ,his dad got on fone calling hospitals around the U.s. He talked to a dr in Texas who go his medical records from Va. Tyler was fast on his way to Ohio. He spend a few weeks there and they to gave up on him. But Tyler his parents and God wasn’t in no way. Today he is in Cinninatee Childrens hospital,Cinninatee  ohio. Drs are in awe of him. They can find no cancer at this time. The over dose of chemo almost took his life. He has badly damaged his heart and kidneys and his bone marrow.  Yet Tyler has braved all he has suffered through. Drs can’t believe how strong he is and are talking about doing a documentary on him. He’s really fought severely hard. He’s a miracle,a hero.  We thank all the prayer warriors and God for helping the wonderful drs in Cinninatee  Childrens for their knowledge and caring and not giving up. Tyler Wiseman our hero. Many times through treatment we almost love him. He fought and God help him fast” – Loraina L.


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