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Gold Ribbon Hero Savannah R

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Savannah Nicole was a year and 2 months when doctors found a cancerous brain tumor. Later she was diagnosed with AML, and halfway in the year her tumor stopped responding to the chemotherapy, which caused 3 tumors to form near the eyes. Savannah has went through so much in just a short amount of time, in just the 8 months she lived that was taken by childhood cancer! Savannah has gone under the knife more than 5 times, maybe even more than 10, has had 2 brain surgeries, intense radiation after radiation, as well as chemotherapy. Savannah had to take more than 7 different medicines a NIGHT and was sedated every day for 6 weeks, Monday-Friday! Savannah just wanted to be normal and to have long hair. My baby was such a strong, strong little girl! Everyday was a constant struggle for my baby, since day 1, but you know what? She made it through each day and with a smile on her face! When doctors told me that Savannah would no longer walk, she walked. When doctors told me she wouldn’t be able to use her right arm and leg, she did! When she couldn’t walk because of the tumors in her spine, she walked, when she didn’t have a appetite, she’d push herself to eat. Savannah always encouraged herself an accomplished so much. She fought hard to live, to see her family, to see her sister. Savannah was just a smart, loving, most beautiful girl in this world! Savannah had a enormous heart that loved oh so deep, with beautiful big eyes! Before the radiation and chemotherapy she had long beautiful curled hair. Even after intense chemotherapy caused Savannah’s hair to fall out, she rocked and LOVED the bald look! Oh! Did she love her Disney movie frozen, especially Anna, she loved her apples, toys, food and her shoes and bald little head! Everyone loved Savannah. It has been 6 months since Savannah has left this earth, and people still ask for her, people always tell me how much they miss and lover her, and how much she has made an impact on their life and made them see life in a whole other perspective. So why is this person, my daughter a Gold Ribbon Hero? Because she was a FIGHTER! Through ever ounce of pain that she suffered, and that she endured, she always, and I mean ALWAYS kept a smile on her face! Savannah, my sweet girl, my world has taught me so, SO much, but mainly how to be #SavannahStrong!” – Ashley R.


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