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Gold Ribbon Hero Owenn Brumfield

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: When Owenn was born he was not breathing the cord was around his neck and the doctor had to give him chest compressions to get him breathing on his own. At the age of 1 1/2 we found out Owenn had cataracts. He he had 2 different surgeries to get rid of the cataracts and get a lens transplant. We currently go to his eye doctor 3 hours away from home every 3-4 months to check his eyes. At the age of 4 Owenn began running fevers off and on for 3 weeks. Loss of appetite,complaining about joint pain,and just sleeping a lot more. We knew it wasn’t Owenn. That’s when we found out that Owenn had ALL. He will undergo chemo for the next 3 years. The name Owenn means young fighter and that’s what Owenn is a young fighter. He truly is my hero” – Jennifer B.

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