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Gold Ribbon Hero Kamryn S.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Kamryn is a cancer survivor. Easter weekend of 2014 she was diagnosed with a wilms tumor (kidney). They opened her up to remove the kidney and found it had ruptured so they were on able to remove the kidney at that time. She then had chemo for 6 weeks. After that round of chemo she went to Sloan Kettering in NYC to have the kidney and tumor removed. She then went through more chemo and radiation. Kamryn was a tough girl through the whole process and always kept smiling and making other laugh. She is now cancer free. They do test every 3 months to make sure she is fine.

Last month a friends of her moms sister was diagnosed with breast cancer so Kamryn wrote her a letter telling her she can beat cancer too.

She is our hero.” – Pamela M.


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