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Gold Ribbon Hero Harris F.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: I am nominating my husband, Harris Freed, MD. Dr. Freed is a diagnostic radiologist.  He works in a PET/CT center providing diagnostic consultations to a large group of oncologists.  He is passionate about his work and speaks to the oncologists on a daily basis indirectly affecting the care of their patients.  The reason I am nominating Dr. Freed is that he also makes Sing Along videos for children and grandchildren under the byline: Papa Harris Freed.  Recently, my husband found out that one of his childhood friends’ granddaughter was suffering for recurrent leukemia.  Papa Freed did a special tribute video Sing Along for Eleanor.  It brought so much joy to her.  Here is the link so that you can view it:
His message is to “Share the Love!” and it comes from the heart.  He made a difference for Eleanor and her family.  Please feel free to use the video in any email campaign to raise money for your cause. I know that if you wanted him to, he would be happy to make a special video for your organization.  Thank you for your consideration. ” – Amy F.


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