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Gold Ribbon Hero Cierra L

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Beautiful, strong willed, king hearted, and smart; these are just a few of the million ways Cierra can be described. Cierra is an active 12 year old 6th grader who enjoys all sports but her favorite it Volleyball. Her favorite color is mint green , creativity and art is a huge part of her life, and she aspires to one day help other children. Back in April Cierra was diagnosed and started treatment for Osteosarcoma in and around her left femur. It has definitely been a terrifying experience to watch your baby sister go through something so life threatening and the only thing you can do is watch. Cierra has show such incredible strength, personal growth, curiosity, and best of all, progress! My sweet little sister is now Cancer Free but has 4 more months of Chemo to tackle. I know she will get through this inspiring everyone she encounters. Our family has already and continues to be showered w/love and support from people we don’t even know. Cierra is inspiring to me because she’s taking this horrific event and learned from it, asking questions about medications, simple procedures, surgeries, and everything in between. We may not know where this road leads, but I know that she has a lot more inspiring to do in her lifetime and that is why Cierra is my hero.” – Brittany H.

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