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Gold Ribbon Hero Cari C

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: When Cari’s daughter Charlotte was diagnosed at 15 months old with hepatoblastoma she set out on the most difficult journey a parent should never have to endure. Cari has made it a mission through this journey to raise awareness for childhood cancer. She spreads the word through 2 Facebook accounts and even drives a van with large stickers on the windows, that not only raises attention for her sweet Charlotte Reece but every child who has been dealt the unfortunate hand of cancer. Cari is inspiring because at times when even the toughest person would crumble, she is giving encouraging words and saying “we will beat this”. This past February, when Charlotte’s cancer returned for a second time, Cari took a deep breath and walked back into the ugly unknown world of cancer again. She is a pillar of strength, courage, poise, and love… Even if at times she doesn’t know or feel it. She takes each blow as they come, stands back up and comes back stronger than before. Her strength is contagious and her love is out of this world. It is never easy to explain why someone is extraordinary but spend 2 minutes in the room with this woman and anyone can see why she is the true definition of a hero.” – Becky T


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