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Gold Ribbon Hero Audrey W.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Audrey was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2014 after having a seizure at school. After multiple brain surgeries, months of radiation, and over a year of chemo she has lost the majority of her sight and most of the time needs a wheelchair to get around due to paralysis in her right side. Yet, despite these obstacles Audrey has continued to work to raise awareness about juvenile and brain cancers. Shortly after her diagnosis she started a group called Audrey’s Minions and set a fundraising goal for a 2014 Nashville 5k benefiting brain tumor alliance. In three short weeks the Minions raised $3,000 and had over 40 runners. She didn’t stop there. Over the year that followed, Audrey’s Minions continued to work hard to raise awareness. Audrey’s Minions Facebook page continued to grow and reach more and more people. When she heard of Ellen’s #justkeepdancing through childhood cancer challenge she immediately rose to the occasion. She had her minions submit their own videos and a plan for a big dance and taping at the race quickly started to form.  Her Minions were so moves by her ever increasing attempts to raise awareness that they  shared the story of their hero and her hardwork with a local news station. ( reaching so many with her story of courage and selflessness.
There was an immediate out pouring from people impacted by her story and more teams honoring others joined the fight.
Audrey’s Minions raised $4,600 in 2015 and due to her hardwork to raise awareness the race total was almost $10,000 more than the year before.
Audrey continues her fight against childhood cancer and her selfless campaign to raise awareness and funds for others. There are already big plans for Audrey’s Minions in the year ahead. Audrey is a hero not only to her Minions but to all those in the fight against childhood cancer.
” – Rachael J.


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