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#Child4Child: We Are One (Chorus by Cameron Dallas, USA)

You too can join the chorus in a brand new song that will be released globally on International Childhood Cancer Day, February 15, 2016. The song “We Are One” is written by Christophe Beck who composed the film music for Disney’s Frozen.

Visit and record your voice now. All you need is your webcam. Let’s make a change.

Join Cameron Dallas, 2014 Teen Choice Awards winner, in raising your voice against childhood cancer:

We need your help to make this happen!

If you are interested in adding your child’s voice to this amazing chorus, here’s what to do:

  • Go to
  • Learn the very simple, moving chorus by listening to the samples recorded by some incredible child singers
  • When your child is ready, click the yellow “Record the Chorus” button on to record your child’s version of the chorus

record the chorus button

  • Pass the word along and help make this hit go viral!
  • Record your child singing along with BFFs!
  • Ask your child’s teacher to have the entire class record their voices!
  • Get your church choir to raise their voices together on the chorus!
  • Organize a team building event for your child’s sports team and record them all singing together! The possibilities are truly endless!

More about Cameron Dallas

California native Cameron Dallas has gained over 15 million combined followers on social media in less than a year. Cameron most recently won Teen’s Choice Favorite Viner at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.  He is also the lead role in a 2014 feature length film, “Expelled” which debuted at the top of the iTunes movie download chart.

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