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Gold Ribbon Hero Maxton P.

Gold Ribbon Hero Maxton P.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Even though Max is fighting his own cancer battle- he thinks of others.  He has invited strangers to eat with him so they didn’t have to eat alone. Stopped to make sure a crying child was ok or lifting the spirits of others fighting cancer. Max has a very big heart.” – Robin P.


Gold Ribbon Hero Cierra L.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Beautiful, strong willed, king hearted, and smart; these are just a few of the million ways Cierra can be described. Cierra is an active 12 year old 6th grader who enjoys all sports but her favorite it Volleyball. Her favorite color is mint green , creativity and art is a huge part of her life, and she aspires to one day help other children. Back in April Cierra was diagnosed and started treatment for Osteosarcoma in and around her left femur. It has definitely been a terrifying experience to watch your baby sister go through something so life threatening and the only thing you can do is watch. Cierra has show such incredible strength, personal growth, curiosity, and best of all, progress! My sweet little sister is now Cancer Free but has 4 more months of Chemo to tackle. I know she will get through this inspiring everyone she encounters. Our family has already and continues to be showered w/love and support from people we don’t even know. Cierra is inspiring to me because she’s taking this horrific event and learned from it, asking questions about medications, simple procedures, surgeries, and everything in between. We may not know where this road leads, but I know that she has a lot more inspiring to do in her lifetime and that is why Cierra is my hero.” – Brittany H.


Gold Ribbon Hero Kyrra S.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Kyrra battled not only cancer but other battles no child should ever endure throughout her entire short little life. DIPG is the monster that stole her away on April 2, 2014. She fought every day with a beautiful smile and a heart of Gold 💛. She was the light and joy of my world. I was her person and she was mine, I miss her more than I can say.” – Julie S.


Gold Ribbon Hero George P.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: George fought and won his battle against hepatoblastoma before he turned 1 year old!  He brought a new level of faith to our whole family.  We are grateful to God every day that George is a completely health and cancer-free toddler and continue to pray for and support all the precious little warriors who are still fighting!” – Catie P.


Gold Ribbon Hero Maya S.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: For her Girl Scout Gold Award project and because of her compassion for teens, she planned and executed a spa day for teens with cancer and other illnesses. She garnered the support of the community and Wish Upon A Teen to hold this day to make these teens feel like princesses for a day and to learn about proper makeup, nailcare and facials during treatments. The volunteers were teens so that the participants could chat with other teens on topics including combating teen stress.  Everyone had a great time and Maya’s Girl Scout troop plans to have another spa day for teens with cancer soon.” – Maureen S.


Gold Ribbon Hero Ryan S.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Ryan is my hero, my Superman due to his outrageous amount of strength he shows in life. He was diagnosed with Pediatric Follicular Lymphoma in May of 2012 (age 14), after overcoming a brain injury the prior year in football and overcoming 17 surgeries that took part of his hearing due to recurring Cholesteatomas since age 5. He looked at me the day of his diagnosis and informed me that like everything else in life, we would overcome this obstacle in life. After 3 years at the age of 17, he still hopes to hear those magical words, “cancer free”. He goes through life like a normal teen, only telling his closest friends and living life to the fullest.” – Dawn S.




Gold Ribbon Hero Crystal H.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Crystal’s  17 month old daughter Sophia passed away this year fighting for her life. Since that awful day, Crystal has become a voice for childhood cancer in our community. She returns to Doernbecher hospital to visit children and parents going through treatment, assists in fundraising for families and promotes awareness all while mourning the loss of her angel.  Her strength and passion inspires many. She’s truly an amazing human being.” – Nicole B.



Gold Ribbon Hero Jack R.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: This young boy is suffering from Stage 4 neuroblastoma but has a strong family and community support that has been with him through every step of the way. He is enrolled in preschool this year and has maintained a remarkable positivity through all that he has been through, always smiling like 4 year olds should be. I do not personally know this boy or his family, I work at the local newspaper and live in the small community that has rallied behind him and even from afar, I can tell that Jack Rollins is a fighter, and a superhero in his own right.” – Cassidy M.















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Gold Ribbon Hero Skye G.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Skye is a strong mother who shows continuous support for her 8 year old daughter, Aryana. At 18 months of age, Aryana fought and won her battle against leukemia. Aryana is currently fighting her second battle against leukemia. Skye also has a 4 year old daughter. Skye displays a tremendous amount of courage and faith. She is my hero and the hero to her daughters.” – Carolina C.




Gold Ribbon Hero Elijah A.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Elijah, age 10 1/2, is a gold ribbon hero because despite having a rare Epitheliod Sarcoma tumor removed from his spine at 9 and now fighting for his life against cancer in and around both lungs, he has a great and positive attitude. He says, “Faith and believing are your cure.” – Max, Marliss and Cayce A.