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2015 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


As we end an incredible Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we look back at all the amazing things we, as a community, were able to accomplish. We reached further than we ever had before. We had more businesses and people reach out to help support and advocate this year. We saw profiles and cover photos turn gold, thousands of supporters wear their Go Gold teeshirts, hashtags and trending conversations on social media, and thousands of photos and shares as more and more people became aware that children get cancer too.

With all the accomplishments and advances forward, it still feels like it’s not enough as the statistics of children being diagnosed, childhood cancer related deaths and outdated treatments and medications still lingers… But know that with each person learning about these statistics and becoming aware, that each one represents more hope for our community. Just one more person could be the one to make the difference. Just one more person to be moved enough to organize an event, like PJammin®, at their school or place of work, to empower more people to become advocates, to create a new treatment, to become a voice within the government to possibly change a nation. Just one person could be that difference, so with this statement we feel that the efforts in September may have just moved enough new people to make that big change we are all hoping for!

Although September is over and this ultimately represents the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, it certainly doesn’t mean that things pause and wait for next year. Our efforts will not and have never stopped with the end of September, and we hope that’s true for all of you that helped make this last month an incredible month for our community. Below are just a few of the campaigns, events, and programs we would like to highlight that helped make this past September very special. Thank you from all of us and please contact us if you want to learn more about how you can continue to make a difference for children and teens facing cancer all year long!


We are overjoyed at the overwhelming success of this year’s Go Gold for Kids with Cancer® awareness t-shirt campaign! We simply cannot think of a better way to showcase the critical importance of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month than by celebrating the children who have been touched by this difficult, traumatic, and all-too-often deadly disease. The 2015 t-shirt featured an incredible 3,454 names of children who have suffered from some form of childhood cancer. The names of these children cannot, indeed must not ever be forgotten, whether they are undergoing treatment now, are a survivor, or sadly left us far too soon. Demand for this years’ t-shirt was so high that we extended the purchase deadline by one week to September 8, to ensure that everyone who wanted a t-shirt was able to get one and still receive it this month! With the second campaign ending last night, a total of 8,132 t-shirts have been ordered this year! LEARN MORE…


More than 100 prominent buildings, iconic landmarks and monuments on 4 continents around the world participated in the international gold lighting program to raise awareness for childhood cancer. This program is the innovation of the American Childhood Cancer Organization who hosts an interactive mapacknowledging those who took part in their LIGHT IT UP GOLD campaign during the month of September, which is International Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The gold ribbon is the international symbol representing childhood cancer. LEARN MORE…


As you know, September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we encouraged you to Go Gold for Kids With Cancer and turn your profile picture GOLD to raise awareness of the desperate need for ongoing research into more advanced, less toxic treatments for every form of childhood cancer.  And we urged you to Go Gold for Kids With Cancer and turn your profile picture GOLD to remind the world that children, adolescents, and families fighting cancer need our help, because Kids Can’t Fight Cancer Alone®, and you listened! Over 19,750 people turned their profile image gold and we had over 59,000 likes for these profile images! Since we know Childhood Cancer doesn’t end in September, you can still Go Gold all year round by Clicking Here.


September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: time for all of us to #StepUp and make childhood cancer a national health priority. Making childhood cancer a priority means devoting critical resources towards much-needed research efforts and clinical trials devoted to the development of new, more effective, and less toxic treatments. It means making sure childhood cancer receives an equal share of the budgetary pie. It means ensuring the continuation of critical federal funding focused on defeating this terrible disease forever. LEARN MORE…


ACCO board member Greg Aune and ACCO Executive Director Ruth Hoffman were proud to attend the 6th annual Childhood Cancer Summit held Friday September 18th in the Visitor’s Center Auditorium of the U.S. Capitol Building. The Childhood Cancer Caucus is co-chaired by Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) and Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD).  ACCO’s office is located in Congressman Van Hollen’s 8th Congressional District of Maryland, so we were once again proud of our relationship with our Congressional Champion. Congressman Van Hollen thanked all in attendance for, “coming together to push forward on research and treatments for childhood cancer.” He assured the advocates in attendance that, “Progress happens when individuals work towards positive change.” LEARN MORE…


We are happy to share that we had 34 Pedi-CURE™ events, 48 PJammin® events and 40 Go Gold® events registered in September. Salons, spas, and even families and groups of friends can host Pedi-CURE™ events to help promote childhood cancer awareness and raise funds to support the research and family support initiatives of the American Childhood Cancer Organization®. These events also help create understanding, supportive communities for children and families who are facing the difficult childhood cancer journey. In addition, the signature gold nail polish used in Pedi-CURE™ events helps raise awareness of gold as the international color for childhood cancer awareness. Our Pedi-CURE™ program is a simple, fun way to raise awareness and funds for these children, join in the fight to beat childhood cancer, and provide HOPE to those who need it most. LEARN MORE…


Bedford, MA (September 8) – is GOING GOLD! To raise awareness and funds in support of families affected by childhood cancer, the iRacing Ford Mustang that paces every virtual race on the popular online motorsports simulation service will feature the gold livery of the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) during its fall racing season.  In addition, links on will enable the more than 60,000 iRacers to make online donations to the ACCO. LEARN MORE…


Since 2008, Fla-Vor-Ice’s parent company Jel Sert has partnered with the American Childhood Cancer Organization to promote awareness and advocacy programs on a national scale.
The “Take a Pop, Share a Smile” program helps children across the U.S. cope with cancer and all that it brings to their lives. The program involves the donation of freezers and a continuous supply of Jel Sert’s well-known freezer pops to cancer treatment centers throughout the U.S. The Jel Sert company has donated over 1,000,000 pops to 115 hospitals to date! LEARN MORE…


During the month of September, TriDerma was honored to send 15 families a gift box of ACCO goodies and TriDerma products. These 5 products are formulated to help provide relief from many of the common side effects associated with childhood cancer treatments, and to minimize the pain and discomfort children with cancer are forced to endure on a daily basis. From now until the rest of October, 20% of all sales from these 5 particular products will go to ACCO. Continuing with the partnership, we will be sharing the stories from each Warrior and their family while using TriDerma. “Partnering with ACCO has given us the opportunity of a lifetime, and we are grateful to be able to put a smile on little Warrior’s faces during times of distress” – TriDerma. LEARN MORE…


PALMco Energy and Columbia Utilities stand with the American Childhood Cancer Organization and in doing so they have made a yearlong commitment encouraging our customers to join us by donating $1 of their monthly utilities bill to ACCO. In honor of National Childhood Cancer Month in September, they donated an additional $10,000 to send 500 medical play kits to children battling cancer. The kit allows children to play the doctor and familiarize themselves with the medical equipment they will likely face throughout treatment in a fun and interactive way. The accompanying social media campaign highlighted the inspiring stories of children who have braved their treatments with the educational help and emotional comfort of the medical play kits as well as children who could benefit from the resource. Accumulating almost 2000 likes, over 250 shares, and more than 55 comments with stories and loving thoughts, we were able to raise awareness and identify new warriors to send the next batch of medical play kits that were funded by this partnership. LEARN MORE…


During the month of September, Angela Roi asked ACCO families to nominate a special Gold Ribbon Hero Mom or Caregiver that they feel deserved to win a beautiful Angela Roi handbag with a Childhood Cancer Awareness Gold Ribbon detail! ACCO’s generous partner, Angela Roi recognized two very special Gold Ribbon Hero Moms or Caregivers from over 100 beautifully moving tributes by giving away two of their beautiful handbags.  LEARN MORE…


“The 2015 National Awareness Tree stands tall, not only a tribute to the thousands of children and teens each gleaming gold ribbon represents, but as a stark reminder that we must remain dedicated to fighting for our most precious resource… Our children.” ~ Ruth Hoffman. ACCO is thrilled again to announce that there will be a National Childhood Cancer Awareness Tree for 2015! This opportunity will once again allow you to have a beautiful gold ribbon placed on the National Tree in honor or memory of a child who has battled cancer.
To purchase a ribbon to be placed on the 2015 National Childhood Cancer Awareness Tree in honor or memory of your child and/or a child you know please CLICK HEREor on the button below.  

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