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PJammin® For Kids with Cancer

 PJammin Event for Kids with Cancer

What is a PJammin® for Kids with Cancer event?

A PJammin® for Kids with Cancer event is hosted by anyone who desires to stand in solidarity for the thousands of children living in their pajamas for months while receiving medical treatment. Every PJammin® event creates awareness of childhood cancer, establishes supportive communities for local families who are dealing with childhood cancer and raises funds to provide resources and support for children and their families currently fighting cancer. Who says you have to raise awareness for childhood cancer in a suit?

Why pajamas?

Children with cancer often spend months, even years, living in their pajamas at home or in the hospital as they undergo critical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. During this time, they frequently miss school, time with siblings and friends, and other normal childhood activities. Instead, they rely solely on their family and medical team to help them through this difficult time in their lives.

How does it work?

You can help raise awareness to these children and their courage, strength, and perseverance by organizing a PJammin® Day at your school. The concept is simple: each child at school is invited to participate in this fun awareness event by wearing their pajamas to school in exchange for a donation.

What does ACCO provide for a school event?  

You will receive a customized digital student flyer, a Social Media Guide for promotion, complimentary swag items (your choice of stickers, tattoos, or silicone bracelets), and an Early Warning Signs poster for your school clinic. Event consulting about fundraising goals, logistics, and additional services provided upon request.

Below you will find downloadable PDFs for your convenience. If there is a resource that is not included but you feel would be helpful, please contact Clarissa at or call at 855-858-2226 ext. 101.

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