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2019 Tree Ribbon Tributes

2019 Awareness Tree Ribbon Tributes

Ribbons purchased by December 6th will hang on this year’s awareness tree in Newport Beach, California. Any purchases after December 6 will not be guaranteed placement on the tree. All purchases, including those after the deadline, will receive a ribbon in the mail after the new year.

Order your ribbon here. Thank you for your support as we light up the holidays with hope.

*This list is updated every 2-3 days and is in no particular order.*


Child’s Name Child’s Age State Online Tribute Status
 Princess Arianna Dougan Forever 11  MO #SpreadArisLight  In Memory
 Rylee Christianson 13 IN  In Honor
 Riley Roman 8  MA We will always love you, sweetheart. We will miss you forever. Love Grandma and Grandpa In Memory
 Helena Duntley  14 NJ Helena, you are as amazing as ever! We love you more than the multiverse! Mommy, Daddy, Carys, Nala(meow!), and Jed (meow!)  In Honor
 Samuel David Biggs 6  IL In Memory
 Brandi Red Cloud – Owen 15  NY  In Memory
 Dale Kenneth Sanders 18  MD You fought so hard my precious Dale, especially in those last 3 months. We miss you so much, but I know we will be together again. Be well, and we’ll do our best to live well, while we’re waiting. Love, Mama. In Memory
 Logan 10  AL Love you to infinity & beyond. PPNTF  In Memory
 Jonathan Cruz 4  FL You got this champ!! You’ve always had this and you will continue to!! Love you with all our heart!!  In Honor
Stephanie Consiglio 15  NY Diagnosed 4 years ago and in remission for 3. Dancing her way through life and hoping to make a difference. Always our Princess Warrior  In Honor
 Frank J Adamo 11  NJ Merry 11th Christmas without You!
Love your Family, Mom, Dad &
We miss YOU so much…
9/10/96 – 3/13/08
 In Memory
 Duncan Burge 16  WA A terrific grandson! Love, Oma  In Honor
 Nolan Lietzke  23 WI  In Honor
 Ashton Miller  21  NC  In Memory
 D.J. Patterson 10  OH In Loving Memory of our son, DJ Patterson who passed away on 4/20/19 after a 14 month courageous battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma. D.J. will always be our forever Hero In Memory
 Jace Jefferson 12  TX There’s not enough space to say all the great things about you. God took you away from us too soon. You’re loved and missed everyday. I thank god for giving me the best nephew ever. In Memory
 Breslyn Hurt 6  IA Amazing little Cancer Warrior❤️  In Honor
 Garett Hall 5 TX Gods little angel  In Memory
 Logan James Parker 9 NJ You were the bravest and most loving person I’ve ever known and I miss you every single day. You will always be my hero. Love, Grandma Pattie  In Memory
 Megan Polhemus 18 CA In Memory
 Charlie Ann Cooley 4 SC Our little warrior!  In Honor
 Lila Rose Brown 1 OH Forever mama’s lil cupcake!  In Memory
 Brycen Dillinger 13 VA Brycen the Brave
 In Honor
 Nicole Coombs 30 FL  In Honor
 Brett Williams  20 FL In Memory
 Anya Camille Valenciano  13 OK May you shine bright with the stars above!  In Honor
 Benjamin Stensler 1 CA  In Memory
 Lauren Searle 18 NY  In Honor
 Mandi Bort 4 NY Love you more then life itself.  In Memory
 Christopher Di Martino 8 NJ We love you Christopher. Always in our hearts. In Memory
 Emma Berg 3 IL  In Honor
 Audrey C. Likovic 20  TX In Honor
 Dillan Thayer Johns 19 TX In Honor
 Julia Dietschak 16 WA Keep staying strong, Julia!
We love you, Mom & Catherine <3
 In Honor
 Owen Pieber 4 NY We love and miss your giggle and your hugs
Love, Mama, Matt, Seth, Anthony, Josh and Marissa
 In Memory
 Bridget Crock 13 OH  In Honor
 Anna Crock 10 OH  In Honor
 Brian Loomis 34 MA Love you to the moon.  In Honor
 Donovan Justice Mejia 4 CA Donovan Justice Mejia forever 4 and always missed.  In Memory
 Leah Bee Smallwood 10  TN ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS  In Memory
 Emily Navarra 6 VA In honor of my little fighter, Emily. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  In Honor
 Ryan Cook 7 PA  In Honor
 Jameia Alexander 9 GA  In Honor
 Alivia Bartlett 6 AR  In Honor
 Benz Rosas 22 CA A real one  In Memory
 Marlie Kai Dodson 8 FL In memory of Marlie Kai Dodson (8) from
Orlando Florida.
In Memory
 Kylie Pederson 17 FL 10 years cancer free! In Honor
 Jake the Tank 7 NJ Merry Christmas buddy. We miss you and love you. Think of you everyday In Memory
 Abigail Mendoza 16 IL To our beautiful girl. We are so proud of you. May God bless you with good health always. We love you. Buelita & Grandpa Ally  In Honor
 Victor 5 IL To a beautiful angel now in heaven  In Memory
 Addyson Brankle 10 IN  In Memory
 Paxton Bowe Andrews 5 months WI Always. xoxo  In Memory
 Shannon Klausner 17 OH Always in our thoughts and heart.  In Memory
 Julia Nelson 7 MI  In Honor
 Ryan Hamrick 11 PA Your always in our hearts  In Memory
 Daniel Sadagursky 22 NY  In Memory
15 FL For my daughter Kristina. Her death should have never happened. She had such wonderful plans for her life that were taken away from her so painfully. I carry her in my heart always. I know she is waiting for me. I love you.  In Memory
Mykayla Fisher 8 FL Merry Christmas to our sweet girl. We love and miss you so very much!  In Memory
 Emma Narburgh 10 OH Happy Five Year Anniversary to our brave and strong Survivor! We love you so much Sweet Emma D! Love,
Mom, Dad, Mikey & Cooper
In Honor
 Ashley Rose Garza 13 IL In memory of our beautiful forever 13 year old, Ashley Rose. We will forever carry you in our hearts. Until we meet again sweet Angel. Love Mom, Dad, Mana & Zoe  In Memory
 Lukas Paul Parsek 5 TX We will keep your memory alive sweet Angel  In Memory
 Kaitlyn Warne  2 SD Her body was not as strong as her spirit, fly high our angel! <3  In Memory
 Maddeson Tersinar 7 IA Forever in our hearts, our angel and rainbow maker.  In Memory
 Madison Raheb 17 CA For the fighters and survivors. In Honor
 Samuel Mackaravitz 12 PA  In Honor
 Ryan Kulkarni 15 TX Ryan Kulkarni, fought the good fight, he finished the race and he kept the faith, now he will receive the crown of glory that God will give him in heaven.
Ryan we will love you forever!
 In Memory
 Olivia Haardt 3 TN  In Honor
 Heather Lynne Johnson 36 WI 31 year survivor (ALL) – Couldn’t be prouder of your dedication to your family and medical profession, still giving back to cancer kids in many ways. Love you!  In Honor
 Alison Kristine Johnson 5 WI Forever 5! You lived a full life in spite of the cancer roller coaster, always ready for an adventure regardless of where you were -hospital or home. You touched the lives of so many, and we are so glad to have you as part of our lives.  In Memory
 Lucas Evan Dunigan  8 LA This ribbon is in memory of my son Lucas Evan Dunigan who passed away on May 8th, 2017 from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Philadelphia-like chromosome) at the age of 8 yrs. Love you always Bubby,  Mommy  In Memory
 Shane J. Metzgar  19 Months PA Forever in our hearts and always on our minds. Five years does not make it any easier, but we are hope you are proud of your legacy that continues. Love, mom, dad, big brother Chase, big sister Ella & baby brother Will  In Memory
 Dimitri Parks 23 CA In memory of my sweet brave son Dimitri who fought AML with the heart of a lion. You will be loved and missed with every breath I take until that day when we will be reunited in Heaven. Love you to the moon and back my precious son. Mom xoxo  In Memory
 Katelyn Chatron  11 TX Katelyn was a wonderful, funny, smart girl who enjoyed playing with her two older sisters, playing school & with American Girl dolls with her friends, participating in soccer games and going to school – we miss her smiling face every day.  In Memory
 Havana Lily  11 CA In Honor
 Katelyn Dombrowski 19 MI We will never forget the short time you had on Earth.  In Memory
 Richard Zack 18 NJ Never forgotten xxoo  In Memory
 Julianna Carini 11 NJ U are my hero, you are a Rock Star  In Honor
 Braxton Bright 5 IN  In Honor
 Julia Alexander 13 VA  In Honor
 Grayson Farrier 3 OK In memory of our sweet, goofy baby boy. We miss you so much.  In Memory
Logan Kinzel 5 OH Logan is a two time stage four brain cancer survivor. He is two years cancer free!  In Honor
 Jensen Ford 1 OH Our Little Hero  In Honor
 Caitlyn ‘Ren’ Stuart 17 KS  In Memory
 Samuel Jones 5 MI  In Memory
 Cain Wilson 10 IL   In Honor
 Abbi Shaw 16 TN We love you Abbi  In Memory
 John (JP) Law, Jr.  17 VA In honor of my amazing son, John (JP) Law. I love you, Peanut!  In Honor
 Hazel Hammersley  Forever 7 CA We will always have Hope with Hazel  In Memory
 Ayanna Joss Gilbert  2 MI 10 years have passed since you had to leave & your memory is still fresh in our minds. We remember your laugh, smile and silly playful way like it was just yesterday. Lovingly remembered & loved by your mom & dad, sisters and grandma and grandpa.  In Memory
 Finnegan LaMotte 6 KS   In Honor
 RJ Fryman, II 6 FL RJ, we love you forever and a day. Always,
Mom, Dad & Jarette
 In Memory
 Michele Ekaterini Ciufecu Broadley  24 CT In honor & in memory of our sweet, brave & beautiful forever 24 angel daughter Michele Ekaterini who was taken away from us way too soon from ARMS. In Memory
 Siri Mayo  9 WA In memory of our amazing Siri – you can run and play with Roxy now, sweet girl… xoxo In Memory
 Lola Rose Anderson  4 MA To our Angel Lola, We know you are watching over us! We hope you are having fun dancing with angels and looking down, laughing at our crazy family!! We love you and miss you so much!! Mama, Dada, Lucy and Luna!  In Memory
 Lila Giroux 11 MD My hero.  In Honor
 Travis Edwards 8 MD  In Memory
 Jonah Goodall 8 IL  In Honor
 Alan Winegarden 24 NJ  In Memory
 Christopher Bloom 13 PA  In Memory
 Aaron Bell  Forever 16 TN  In Memory
 Khalid Amos 14 NC My Hero Grandson a Neuroblastoma survivor In Honor
 Makenna Lemmon 7 OH  In Honor
 Zachary Lowe 10 MD Zach we love and miss you every day. I would love to see what you would be doing today. Driving a car, first date and graduation.  In Memory
 Vera M. Good 6 PA  In Honor
 Alexis Van Bochove 4 IA Our life isn’t the same with out you  In Memory
 Erin Nicole Perez 8 FL Its been so long. I didn’t think I would make it 8 years with out you. My heart has been broken for so long. I long to hold you in my arms and ask for your forgiveness.  In Memory
 Layne Armstrong 4 OK In memory of our precious angel LBA  In Memory
 Alec Taber 12 CO In loving memory of our boy  In Memory
 Anthony Abate 5 NJ In loving memory of our sweet Anthony  In Memory
 Onja Rose Howard 3 NY In Memory of our sweet girl  In Memory
 Kimi Schroder 12 CA In memory of my beautiful daughter – Forever 12  In Memory
 Gabrielle Martin 22 AZ Congratulations on celebrating 19 years cancer free!!  In Honor
 Andrew Dawson 10 FL Andrew you are a true warrior and we all love you!  In Honor
 Maggie Conlon 17 WI  In Honor
 Bo Johnson 13 WI  In Memory
 Tess Erickson 17 WI  In Memory
 Katelyn Houskamp 8 MI  In Memory
 Brooke Riggs 2 MD In memory of our sweet angel.  In Memory
 Ava McCarthy 26 VA Our sweet little angel, Ava, forever in our hearts.  In Memory
 Jax Stone 9 PA I miss and love you so much buddy! DIPG angel, forever 9. 11/11/04-7/27/14 #Pray4Jax  In Memory
 Jonah Zolnak 17 PA We love you Jonah!
Dad, Mom and Noah
In Honor
 Sawyer Welch Sharp 8 NC I miss you every second, of every minute, of every day! Forever my baby. I love you to the moon & back a zillion million times for ETERNITY! Love, Mommy <3 In Memory
Alison Pearl Verhaalen 10 WI Sweet Ali Shines On! You are so loved & so missed every single day <3 I love you. Love, Kelley  In Memory
 Alison Pearl Verhaalen 10 WI Ali you are SO loved & missed. <3 Love, Mommy, Daddy & Tyler  In Memory
 Misha Kozel 7 FL Misha, my princess, Love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond and for forever and a day  In Memory
 Zachary Lowe 10 MD  In Memory
 Tacey Raye Raulerson 20 TX Survivor of Retinoblastoma and Esthesioneuroblastoma In Honor
 Caleb Hoggins 15 IL In memory of our loving son who loved to laugh. Love you to the moon and back sweet Caleb! In Memory
 Josh White 16 AR Loving and missing you always “Soldierboy” <3 Dad  In Memory
 Elle Howdershell 11 VA Beanie, We miss you every moment of every day. Until we meet again. Love4ever, Mom, Dad, Halle, Sydney & Brian  In Memory
 Tate Hartzler 8 IN In Honor
 Brittney Vinsant 2 CA  In Memory
 Samuel Harmon 9 AL In loving memory of our superhero, Sam  In Memory
 Blake Conklin 8 MN Blake you are an amazing son, brother & friend, who is smart, kind, outgoing & loved so much! We love you buddy & you are going to beat cancers butt! Prayers for a cure for Blake & all cancer patients everywhere! In Honor
 Phynix Havard 4 MS In loving memory of our sweet angel. We love you and miss you everyday!  In Memory
 Mark Sutcliffe 25 OH  In Honor
 Lauren Moody 15 TN In memory of our precious daughter Lauren Moody forever 15  In Memory
 Lauren Moody 15 TN In loving memory of our precious granddaughter Lauren Moody
Grammy & Granddad love you & miss you very much.
 In Memory
 Tyler Grant Roney 14 IL This ribbon will hang on the tree in honor of our son Tyler, a survivor of Rhabdomyosarcoma. We are so blessed to watch him grow up healthy and enjoy life. In Honor
 Cameron Garvey 16 CA To my brother how we all miss you and love you In Memory
 Victoria “Tori” Carmen Jones 6 PA We will always keep you in our hearts!
We Love you Bigger and Bigger!
Forever Loved..Forever Missed
Thank you for shining your light on us always and all you taught us.
Until we meet again, sleep well Baby Bird
All of our love, Mama, Daddy and Kaden
In Memory
 Cameron Garvey 16 CA We love you and miss you Cam In Memory
 Kaden Sharpless 15 MD To our hero Kaden Sharpless cancer free for 11 years In Honor
 Athena Kropp 2.5 NY  In Memory
 Luke Paul Tolson Neuhedel 3 NY Our Little Saint Luke. Always in our hearts.  In Memory
 Victoria Faith Alvarez Eckman 3 NC  In Honor
 Bernadette Jobson 4 GA Bernie Strong Forever  In Honor
 Landon Karcz 9 GA Forever #LandonStrong! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth  In Honor
 Madison Cook 2 NV  In Memory
 Lexi Walters 4 MI In loving memory of Lexi keep dancing and singing in the stars above.  Strawberry kisses forever!  In Memory
 Avery Lynn 6 CA Our Love Bug, forever in our hearts.  In Memory
 Makinley Edwards 6 FL  In Honor
 Ryder Armstrong 3 IL In Loving Memory of my son Ryder  In Memory
 Brandon Steenland 11 MI In honor and loving memory of our sweet, brave and so forever loved Brandon the Brave  In Memory
 Michael Jon Wielgus 16 NJ Hope / Faith / Courage  In Memory
 Colin Dunn 20 NY In honor of the bravest young man. He is a hero in every meaning of the word.
Love, Your Family
 In Honor
 Michelle Roebke 8 MT  In Honor
 Amaya Houle 18 MN For our hero and amazing warrior, Amaya. We love you super a lot, Sweets!
Live, Libby, Dad and Mom
 In Honor
 Quinn Cogan 7 MO To my fighter that fights with his heart and soul. You are my hero. Keep fighting dirty and beat leukemia. – Nina  In Honor
 Emma K Thornton 12 NC To our strong, brave, courageous child of God! We are so blessed to be able to watch God’s plan unfold through your life here on earth! 4 year survivor XOXO  In Honor
 Owen Riley Kimball 3.5 NY Hard to believe it’s been 18 years you’ve had your angel wings. We all miss you so much. Merry Christmas in Heaven our sweet angel, Owen.
Love, Mom, Dad, and Roman
In Memory
 Lillian Grace 5 FL In honor and loving memory of our Lillian Grace; May her bright light live on in us all. Forever in our hearts.  In Memory
 Taylor Hammond 11 HI We love you and miss you so much, my love. #ForTaylor  In Memory
 Ryder Armstrong 3 IL Our angel always in our heart love Papa & Grandma  In Memory
 Ryder Armstrong 3 IL Loved, missed, and with us always. Love your family  In Memory
 Brittany Watson 26 IN To my warrior and survivor  In Honor
 Layla Grace Mewborn 4 NC We love and miss our precious angel so much.
You were a princess warrior, brave and beautiful.
 In Memory
 Adam McGugin 4 PA Our Angel Adam – Always in our hearts. Always missed. Always loved.  In Memory
 Bronson Balzac 18 TX Celebrating this brave Stage 4 Neuroblastoma survivor  In Honor
 Adam Isenhour 14 IN What a brave, smart, charming and handsome cancer slayer you are! You have beaten AML twice and we’re so incredibly proud of you. There are not enough words to tell us what you mean to us. YOU ARE AMAZING! We love infinity times infinity cubed!  In Honor
 Delaney Wright 5 CA Delaney is a beautiful star,
She taught us many things.
To be caring, loving and giving,
and be angels without wings. You continue to live in all of our hearts.
Your gift to us all is your zest for life.
In Memory
 Bryce Bennett 6 PA Honoring my 6 year old nephew who has been fighting brain cancer for the past 4 years! Aunt Dezzie is so proud of you! In Honor
 Alyssa Hale 14 CA  In Honor
 Destiny Rayne 5 OH Our sweet angel in heaven watching over us  In Memory
 David Williams 15 UT  In Honor
 Rocco Lettieri 29 NJ To the light of my life my son Rocco.  In Honor
 Maurquez Thompson 15 TN 5 YEARS CANCER-FREE!  In Honor
 Jedidiah Woomer 19 NY Eagle Scout, fisherman, goofball, lifeguard and captain of the swim team… And our beloved boy.  In Memory
 Creed Wilson 2 IA It is our 3rd year purchasing a ribbon for Creed. We love and miss you so much baby boy. More and more every single day. Fly high sweetheart. We love you so much, Grandma Traci and Aunt Dessy.  In Memory
 Abby Sieb 8 MI  In Honor
 Taylor Nicole Lamke 8 CA Our Forever Angel  In Memory
 Leah Goldberg 18 NV Love Never Ends For my beloved Mermaid Leah  In Memory
 Tyler Schicke 23 NJ Tyler was 7 years old when diagnosed with Burkitts . Now 23 years old he just received a Master degree from Brown University. He is an example of how staying strong and positive is the answer.  In Honor
 Garrett Hutchins 12 CA Garrett you are amazing. You fought with bravery and strength and the Lord’s blessings. No child should ever have to fight cancer. Cancer free, 8 yrs. I love you, my grandson!  In Honor
 Logan Becker 14  WA  In Memory
 Raegan Humphrey 7 NC My little HERO  In Honor
 Brayden Grayling 6 IL  In Memory
 Jack Vernon 14 TN  In Honor
 Garrett Schram 13 ID He was the sweetest most thoughtful and loving child. He loved animals and loved to tease his family and friends. He loved candy and Green Day.  In Memory
 Cory E. Gaudet 18 RI In Loving Memory of our forever 18 DIPG Angel Cory E. Gaudet beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend.  In Memory
 Steven Sires 14 SD Steven 14 won the fight but lost the battle to DSCRT in July 7, 2014. He will be forever missed by his mom and 4 siblings. Merry Christmas Meatloaf!!  In Memory
 Matthew Jacko 9 PA To my sweet boy Matthew. I miss you more than words can say. I love you always.
Love <3
 In Memory
 Ryan Michael Hamrick 11 PA In memory of my warrior – you fought hard!  In Memory
 Andrew (Drew) Palmer 8 OH In memory of my sweet Drew.  In Memory
 Joseph A. Messina 5 MA Forever in our hearts  In Memory
 TJ Rasnick #11 Forever 19 VA In memory of my brave nephew TJ. Always remembered and always loved.  In Memory
 Midnight Baby 5 OH  In Honor
 Brennan McGlone 5 OH  In Honor
 Amelia Woody 6 PA  In Honor
 Daxton 9 WI  In Honor
 Malcolm Farfan 11 OH  In Honor
 Keegan Chupp 2 IN  In Memory
 Hannah Louise Els 2 SC Your light guides me daily and I love you always my sweetheart.  In Memory
 Jack Kirsch 19 FL In honor of our fighter, our warrior, our Never Give Up hero – Jack! We are so blessed to watch you grow into an amazing, caring and healthy young man who makes us so proud every day to call you ours! We love you, Peanut! In Honor
 Lucas Simcox-Powell 6 IL  In Honor
 Chris Burkitt 24 NY You are our hero.  In Honor
 Ariya Jennings 2 FL Ariya was diagnosed with infant leukemia (ALL) on 12/29/17 at the young age of 7 months. On 8/2/19 after battling cancer for 20 months out of her 27 months of life, Ariya gained her wings and went to be with Jesus. Mommy and daddy love you very much!  In Memory
 Devin Statetzny 18 MI Proud of you!  In Honor
 Kaelynn Spradlin 2 OK Honoring our sweet baby Kae. We will forever fighting your memory <3  In Memory
 Riley Whitney 5 MD Keep fighting Smiley Riley!  In Honor
Immanuel Bianchi Pleasant 1 FL Immanuel you give me strength and courage. You inspire me to be better and do better. The light of your twin Gloria lives through your incredibly beautiful soul.
Thank you my sweet brave boy, Forever my love Momma
 In Honor
 Jaxen Kettler 2 KY Jaxen Kettler will always be remembered as a burst of fresh air, a heart full of love and joy, and a child filled with silliness and fun. Today he would be in Kindergarten. Not a day passes that Jaxen is not remembered by all those who love him.  In Memory
 Walker Padilla 1 TX In Honor
 Alex Faulkner 9 IL  In Memory
 Benny Roscoe Cancer Slayer Wammack 6 ID  In Honor
 Sean Stanley Forever 15 OH In loving memory of my courageous little boy!  In Memory
 Payton Hand 12 SD In memory of our “Paytie Pooh” You are Never forgotten Sweetheart!  In Memory
 Zachary Hartwell 21 VT My dear Zachary. Your refusal to quit, refusal to let cancer define you and your refusal to feel sorry for yourself are what keep your father and i going every day. We strive to live life as well as you did.  In Memory
 Andrew Coulter 3 FL To my hero, Andrew  In Honor
 Kelsie Scoggins 19 IL For our sweet girl. You are so loved, so cherished, and so missed. You should be 25 this December, but you are forever 19. Thank you for being our baby girl. You were simply amazing and you left us with so many memories and treasured days. Love Always. In Memory
 Sophia Waring 9 NJ We are so happy that Sophia is now in the Survivorship Program!! We love you & are so proud of all of your accomplishments. You are truly brave!  In Honor
 Luka Braovac 11 WI #LukaStrong #Forever11  In Memory
 Michael Burns 1 MA Diagnosed with AML at 1 month old. Currently one years old.  In Honor
 Gracie Phillips 6 VA In honor of Gracie Phillips!! Small but fierce!! Keep fighting Gracie! We love you so much!!! In Honor
 Kai Hawkins 3 AL My hero  In Honor
 Grace Andrews 12 NY  In Memory
 Kyler Sheetz PA #CancerPickedTheWrongKid
 In Honor
 Kyle Giest 27 FL  In Honor
 Ethan Heng 6 CT My Forever Superhero!  In Memory
 Ashlynn Juhasz  8 OH Survivor against ALL  In Honor
 Destiny Rivera Forever 14 OH  In Memory
 Kassity Aryanna Holcomb 1 OR In memory of my super hero. Not only did she teach me a million years worth of life lessons but she still inspires me everyday. She is truly missed and loved more than anyone could ever say. In Memory
 Kane Wasden 16 TN Always in our hearts ❤  In Memory
 Josh Blomgren 6 MN  In Honor
 Hunter Schroeder 14 WA Thank you for teaching us the true meaning of strength and courage! We love you more than you will ever know!  In Honor
 Hannah Jean Rivera 20 FL We love you Hannah!  In Honor
 William Tidwell 11 AZ Love and miss you darling boy!   In Memory
 Kain Ashley Forever 11 CA We miss you every minute of every day.   In Memory
 William Relyea 10 NY Our survivor – still fighting, thriving and teaching us perseverance every day!   In Honor
 Zion McAfee 1 OK For our brave daughter Zion   In Honor
 Andrew Freideman 10 NJ We love you Andrew! Grandma & Grandpa   In Honor
 Makynna McCalmant 19 UT Love you so much Kynna!   In Honor
 Daniel Cooper 15 PA In Honor of Daniel Cooper -Neuroblastoma – 14 years NED!   In Honor
 Erin Grace 9 MO For our little girl. One of the strongest fighters we know. You bring light to the dark and hope to our despair. Mama loves you, you are in my heart!   In Honor
 Connor McGoff 10 CO You are such an amazing kid and have shown us how strong and determined you are so many times over the past 8.5 years of fighting leukemia. Keep smiling, buddy! We love you!   In Honor
 Jisele Samulonis 10 MA Stay strong my warrior Princess. We love you with all our hearts.   In Honor
 Tyler Wiley 22 PA To my Bud, you are so dearly missed and loved!  In Memory
 Tyler Wiley 22 PA A piece of my heart missing in heaven, I love you eternally!   In Memory
 Nicole Law 26 NY  In Honor
 Janea Aguilera 14 CO   In Memory
 Grant Weiss 6 MO Grant was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia March 23, 2018. He will be in treatment until June 2021.  In Honor
 Ryan Mann 14 WA  In Honor
Anabella Robertson 7 OK My Hero calls me Daddy  In Honor
 Kaeden 7 NY Love you Kaeden  In Honor
 Michael Mack 19 NY I love you and I miss you all the days of my life  In Memory
 Aiden Schaefer 5 NY  In Honor
 Samuel Szabo 8 OH We love and miss you so much, Sammy!  In Memory
 Tevia Drumps 24 NV My daughter, my best friend, my right hand man, my hero. I miss you terribly. I miss your smile, your funny jokes and your amazing hugs. I hope you felt as loved by me as you made me feel.  In Memory
 Waylin Ryder Grace 2 KY Waylin Ryder Grace, forever 2, never forgotten.  In Memory
 Tayden Grohs 10 SD  In Memory
 Caleb Jahn 3 WI Always in our hearts  In Memory
 Cameron Fahey 17 IL Always in our hearts and on our minds. The world is less bright without your smile.  In Memory
 Alexander Burner 19 VA In honor of Alex our brave man of God  In Honor
 Jayden 3 OK We love and miss you little man!  In Memory
 Juliet Shippee 3 MA In memory of our babygirl Juliet. Always loved, never forgotten, Forever 3 In Memory
 JITARI WHITE 20 FL  In Memory
 Rileigh Sunday 9 NC  In Memory
 Ethan Lapitan Ramirez 6 CA  In Honor
 Alexandre Salisbury 20 IL 2019 marks the 20th year since cancer took you. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t miss you. Love you, Alex, now and always.  In Memory
 Joshua Salisbury 12 NY Joshua, we were a true fighter!  In Memory
 Jasmine Edwards 12 OK Love and miss you.  In Memory
 Nicholas “Nicky” Docu 10 NY Remembering my merry little Nicky will give me a merry little Christmas and hope for all to have a merry Christmas ~ happy holiday  In Memory
 Mailee Francis 10 WI We are so proud of you Mailee. Always walk by Faith.  In Honor
 Catherine Ray Tucker 7 SC In honor of our Hero and all the Heros fighting  In Honor
 Marco Sainz JR 6 CA  In Memory
 Emma Parli 9 IL   In Honor
 Sammy 5 MI Sammy, we all love and miss you soooo much!  In Memory
 Julia Fulmer 18 SC Julia is an overcomer. She is also a compassionate and incredibly creative young woman. Her potential in life is boundless. She will shine!  In Honor
 Bryce Kameron Raub 2 TX  In Memory
 Davin Rucker 11 TX In Memory of our precious angel, Davin Rucker. In Memory
 Dredger Lanier 4 SC Super Hero Dredger Titus Lanier  In Honor
 Dylan Krysko 10 PA  In Honor
 Gabriel Scott 7 TN  In Honor
 Charlie Ann Cooley 4 SC My little warrior!  In Honor
 Dustin Perez-Dial 8 GA   In Honor
 Ryan Reardon 12 MA We love you and miss you so much sweet boy!
Mom, Dad and Matthew
 In Memory
 Kody Beach 18 NV A true hero. Love you boo.  In Memory
 Molly Jank 23 CA Molly we love you and thank God for you everyday!  In Honor
 Penelope Ulm 8 months AZ Penelope was born with a glioblastoma. The doctors told us she would live for 4-6 weeks, she was a fighter. Penelope gave us almost 8 months, we cherished every moment we had. She’s our Hero  In Memory
 Paisley Collins 4 TX  In Honor
 Daniel Shackelford 14 CA  In Honor
 Waylon Burrows 4 PA We love you Waylon!  In Honor
 Huntington Gifford 10 MN  In Honor
 Emily Greene 12 OH You always showed such courage. As miss you. In Memory
 Tristen Nano 15 CA 10 years this past May! Miss you terribly. Merry Christmas son, I love you!  In Memory
 Michael John Delfino 17 NY Mikey we are so proud of you  In Honor
 Nicholas Marsh 13 MS In Loving Memory of my precious nephew
04/08/1987 – 10/23/2000
 In Memory
 Justis Greto 15 PA His life was nothing short of a true gift bestowed upon us. His laugh could light up a room. We will forever as a family be changed by his loss. We stand strong in his honor and hope one day “Justis” will prevail.  In Memory
 Chance Summers 16 TN In honor of our son, Chance, who was diagnosed with Soft-tissue Sarcoma: Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor (MPNST) at age 11. He is 4 years cancer-free now! In Honor
 Jilian Golz 16 CO For Jilian, the bravest, strongest, smartest fighter I know. I love you!  In Honor
 Lucas Smith 12 PA Lucas is a 12 yo boy who survived stage 3 hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) when he was 12 months old. He is my super hero and my inspiration. I love you my Lucas bear and I hope to one day be half as strong as you are!! Love mommy!  In Honor
 Maria Shea Amaral 4 NH My purest, greatest Blessing of Love, eternal life is eternal Love. You are Loved!   In Memory
 Amanda Cook 11 WV   In Memory
 Gunnison Riggins 15 AR  In Honor
 Angela Payne 18 AR   In Memory
 Makynna McCalmant 19 UT We’re so proud of all you have achieved and the person you have become. Way to hang in there Mack. You battled cancer and came away stronger. Stay strong, brave and beautiful!   In Honor
 Naomi Atilano 3 IL Merry Christmas to our little hero Naomi! We love you and are so proud of you!   In Honor
 Ava Hutchinson 11 IA #avasway #sparklesforava #strengthforava #livingavasway #gogold  In Memory
 Alexandra Koenig 21 IA 19 YEAR SURVIVOR! In Honor
 Roselynn Turi 2 IN  In Memory
 Nicholas Mallett 6 NY For our Little Man. We love and miss you so much. You are forever in our hearts! Love Mommy, Daddy, Skylar and Rayne  In Memory
 Luke Ydens 5 CA  In Memory
 Hartwell Corbett 15 GA  In Honor
 Alex Cenoz 25 CA  In Honor
 Robbie Kenney 19 WA  In Memory
 Radley Moon McChristian 3 TX We miss you so much sweet Radley Moon. Love, Mom and Dad  In Memory
 Bailey A-S Thomas 5 AZ My hero always and forever Bailey Bear. Love mommy  In Memory
 Jackie Renner 19 IL Wishing you were still here living, loving, laughing, & learning with us. Love Always, Mom & Dad  In Memory
 Terry “TJ” Miller 17 CA Angels live forever  In Memory
 Ariana Princess Warrior Fisher 6 AR  In Honor
 JUSTIN LENINSKY 9 TN Such a beautiful, loving young boy taken from us at 8yr old. Justin had so much left to do on earth. We miss you so much. I look at the stars every night talk to you.
We love you, Grandma & Grandpa
 In Memory
 Andrew Arias 7 OR  In Honor
 Kaleb Roberts 7 WA  In Honor
 Evan Nelms 5 GA To my angel son. I miss you more than words can ever explain. Fly high my love bug!  In Memory
 Briana Glacken 9 NJ Our Precious Angel  In Memory
 Naomi Gushlaw 8 NY  In Memory
 Sara Rose Nylund 5 WI Sara Rose beat cancer.  In Honor
 Kendall James 8 KY Currently in REMISSION from Rhabdomyosarcoma Embryonal Stage 3.  In Honor
 Lydianna Valenti 10 FL Love always for my Lady Bug Warrior  In Honor
 David Kanke 12 OK  In Honor
 Cameron Scroggins 16 GA
 William McGurer III 14 IN  In Honor
 Isaiah Sandbeck 9 IA  In Honor
 Estelle Martinez 3 TX Estelle, you’re so missed  In Memory
 Riley Church 14 CA Riley touched more lives in her short time here than most people do in their full lifetime. She was a beautiful soul, and I’m honored to have know her just a bit.  In Memory
 Cash Robison 3 TX We love you, Cashy boy. You will always be our hero. Love
Mommy & Daddy
 In Honor
 Cash Robison 3 TX We love you, bubba. Love
Luke, McKenzie and your best bro Camden
 In Honor
 Miranda McGuane 18 IL  In Honor
 Ainsley Rose Kargela 9 MI Miss our baby girl so much. strongest, bravest, brightest star in the sky. Love you Ains  In Memory
 Mariah Caitlan Ordaz 17 TX To our beautiful Mariah Caitlan, our Angel. You are loved and missed beyond measure and will forever be in our hearts. Until we meet again, my love!  In Memory
 Brayden Christianson 8 ND  In Honor
 Isabel Cristina Ramos 8 CA  In Honor
 Noah Wexler 20 MI  In Honor
 Christian Showers Forever 4 NY For our angel Christian  In Memory
 Izaiah Sanchez 2.5 TX  In Memory
 Maverick Pepper 3 MN Our brave fighter, Maverick Pepper. We love you! #fightermaverick  In Honor
 Stephanie Millward 28 CA Love and miss you everyday Angel Face. This big world will never be the same without your sweet face, caring heart and love for all. Mama, Dad and Joseph’s heart are full of our sweet memories everyday. We love you so, so much. Mom, Dad, Joseph In Memory
 Karlie Coleman 13 MD My beautiful and strong granddaughter  In Honor
 Rose Claire Ledford 10 OH We miss you every day, Sweet Rosie. Not a day goes by that I don’t mention your name, or hear a song, or savor a memory. We love you. As long as I am alive, my baby you will be.  In Memory
 Theodore Richgels 6 DC Theo, you made our family complete and brought us so much happiness. We miss you terribly, but are glad that you are not sick anymore. Love Mommy, Daddy, Anna, & Lydia. In Memory
 Jaxson Peterson 4 MN Papa bear, mom and Maha love you to the moon and back! “you’re so dang damn cute!”
 In Honor
 Josephine Beardsley 13 NE In honor of our hero Josie, who has won the battle against leukemia. She is an inspiration to all of us!  In Honor
Joanna Pfannenstiel 13 KA For our hero Joanna, who is a true fighter!  In Honor
 Makynna McCalmant 19 UT Love from Nan  In Honor
 Makynna Mccalmant 19 UT We love you KiKi! Always forever No Matter What! Love, Mama and Dad  In Honor
 Caroline “Calle” Cronk 5 MA  In Honor
 Lily LaRue Anderson 7 NJ  In Honor
 Jaden Grimm 15 NE  In Memory
 Wesley Payton 7 NV Miss you and love you forever my Green Eyed Angel  In Memory
 Greyson Burnette 10 IN Greyson is our brave boy and a fighter. He’s battled Medulloblastoma and came out on the other side. He’s been battling since December 6, 2018.  In Honor
 Madison Shaw 17 VA Madison you are the sweetest and strongest young lady I know. Your Mama and I are so proud of you and love you very much. In Honor
 Skylar Ginn 12 GA  In Memory
 Lydia Borgen 6 ND  In Honor
 Mason Garvey 9 IN In honor of Mason. We love you. #MightyMason  In Honor
 Madi Moore 17 IN In loving memory of Madi.  In Memory
 Samuel Harris 12 CA In memory of my sweet son Samuel who passed away 12/8/15 at the age of 12 from Glioblastoma multiforme. I miss you every second of every moment of everyday, I love you forever, Love, Mom  In Memory
Caleb Gallet 7 GA In memory and honor of my beautiful ,
sweet, brave boy. Mama loves you around the World and Back again , forever and ever.
Our bond will never be broken. Together forever in Mama’s heart.
 In Memory
 Sarah Parker 3 GA Sarah, we miss you and love you. Love, mom, dad, Chase, and Wes  In Memory
 Kamar Rivers Cadet 2 FL We miss you daily Kamar, love Mom & Dad #westillstandwithkamar  In Memory
 Miranda Acord 18 IL  In Honor
 Paislee Magee 7 ID  In Honor
 Noah Iwinski 3 NY Congratulations Noah on beating your courageous fight!  In Honor
 Jace Cumbie 11 GA For my son Jace Cumbie. Stage 4 Relapsed Neuroblastoma Survivor  In Honor
Chelsea Brooke Brantwein 15 OK Chelsea’s Heart was way bigger than her cancer In Memory
 Natalie Rivera 6 CA You will never be forgotten, For though we are apart. You are always and forever, Alive within our heat’s. Love mom, dad and family. We miss and love you dearly.  In Memory
 Gilbert Rivera III 13 CA We are so proud of your accomplishments and thank god every day for your healing. Keep up the outstanding job you have done.
Love mom, dad, and family.
 In Honor
 JP Law 17 VA In Honor
 Jayden X. Baker 3 MT My sweet baby boy and all the other sweet kiddos, we know you are in the hands of God and we will always remember you every day!  In Memory
 Jack T. Johnson 17 TN We miss you everyday especially at the holidays!  In Memory
 Clay Chandler 16 MS  In Memory
 Israel Medina 1 CA  In Memory
 Nattalie Nicole Moncivais 12 TX Love you baby girl and miss you always in our hearts  In Memory
 Jacob Goss 14 OH I am putting this ribbon on the tree for my son Jacob. He battled brain cancer for four years and lost his battle in 2016. He is and always will be my Superhero.  In Memory
 Carly Laverty 21 MA Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma 17 yr survivor Carly, our Warrior Princess, graduates college this yr. Every day is a gift With Hope, MiMi  In Honor
 Alec Ingram 14 MO We love and miss you so much sweet boy!  In Memory
 Andrew Barger Jones 19 MS In memory and honor of my precious son, Andrew Barger Jones. I love you with all my heart and soul.  In Memory
 All our precious children In honor of all our precious children.  In Honor
 David Turner Jr 8 KY  In Honor
 Jim Aldridge 20 GA  In Honor
 Lauren Aldridge 9 GA  In Honor
 Reece Kolar 7 SC  In Honor
 Arnold-Simon 5 MA To our sweet girl, forever 5! Forever and a day!  In Memory
 Aiden Schneider 1 FL In memory of our hero, Aiden. Forever 17 months. We love and miss you, Mom, Grandma, Pa, Auntie, Unkie, and Spencer.  In Memory
 Ashlee Drouillard 14 MI  In Memory
 Natasha Jasco 3 CA 37 years later and still Forever in my Heart my dear sweet baby girl Natasha!  In Memory
 Amon Moreno 2 OR To my loving grandson, who flies with the angels know how he is thought of and loved every moment here on earth. 7/1/2011- 12/20/2013  In Memory
 JACOB SIMMONS 10 WA Missing you every minute of everyday! Merry Christmas in heaven my sweet boy Jacob.  In Memory
 Will Sharkboy Hopkins 6 IL In memory of Sharkboy Will. My heart, my love my firstborn. Gone too soon, never forgotten. 5/1/02-11/11/08 ALL w/MLL gene mutation  In Memory
 Alijah Wiser 5 TX  In Honor
 Paetton Canfield 6 MN To finally getting remission after 18 months of chemo.  In Honor
 Dakota Butteris 11 WA Dakota is a 2 year cancer survivor. His unwavering faith, bravery and all around badassery through all of this is inspiring. He is our superhero.  In Honor
 Parisa Escobar 12 IL  In Honor
 Tommy Blize 10 OR Our amazing boy  In Honor
 Trip Phinney 2 TN Mommy loves and misses you so much Trip  In Memory
 Journey Cummins 3 MS We celebrate Journey’s life every day and are thankful to our wonderful God for the miracle of healing.   In Honor
 Mitch McAllister 17 NJ  In Memory
 Michael Mack 19 NY Mack11 – Faith Will Be Rewarded  In Memory
 Dylan Givargiznia 19 WI On 11/16/2018, after 14 years battling cancer, Dylan took his last breath and had to leave behind parents, his older sister and four younger brothers. We miss and love him terribly. May we be even half as strong as Dylan always was.  In Memory
 Danny Hansen 6.5 MN Danny fought a hard battle, but God saw he was growing tired so he had his friends saddle up his horse that day to bring him home. Ride free Cowboy Danny. We love you and miss you. You may be gone from this earth but not gone from our hearts  In Memory
 Ava Hutchinson 11 IA In loving memory of Ava Hutchinson.  In Memory
 Sawyer Welch Sharp 8 NC Mo, Mommy misses you & loves you so much.  In Memory
 Sawyer Powell 10 NC Sweet Sawyer we miss you!
Love, Kelley
 In Memory
 Olivia Burke 3 TX  In Honor
 Cole Winnefeld 11 IN We love you and miss you so much Cole. Forever our hero!  In Memory
 Alleigh Brooke Perkins 9 KY  In Honor
 Kelsey Cantrell 27 TX You fought a long courageous Battle & now you can rest.  In Memory
 Hayley Ray 16 MI  In Honor
 Piersen Norris 7 VA Soldier P is celebrating 5 years of remission!  In Honor
 Kaiden Lesmeister 9 months MO  In Memory
 Avery Klemola 10 MI To my brave and strong daughter. You amaze me everyday.  In Honor
 Lexi Shaylyn 4 MI In memory of my beautiful baby girl….I miss you so much princess  In Memory
 Daniel Lawrence Dolnick 3.5 NY Every day without you is harder but brings us closer to being with you again. You made us laugh and smile yet now we do through our tears. Danny we love and miss you. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Dylan and Leah  In Memory
 Lukas Pawlowski 19 IL  In Honor
 Angel Hojnacki – Wagner 12 WI We love and miss you so much Angel. You would have been 14 on Dec 5th. Happy Heavenly Birthday my sweet Girl.
Love Grandma and Papa
 In Memory
 Garett Hall 5 TX  In Memory
 Caleb Leslie 13 MO We miss you so much.  In Memory
 Katelyne Ballesteros 15 FL  In Honor
 Ana Victoria Segoviano 16 IL  In Memory
 Jayden Isaiah Ojeda 15 FL  In Memory
 Luis Ballesteros 55 IL  In Memory
 Khane Smith 12 IA Khane Smith a Neuroblastoma Survivor, Our Hero In Honor
 Charlotte Paige Anderson 2 OH  In Memory
 Logan Alan Scott 9 OH  In Honor
 Christopher Bloom 13 PA In loving memory of our “Coaster King”, forever in our hearts.  In Memory
 David Romano 7 MA Our strong boy, you amaze us everyday, and we love you so very much! Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Lauren  In Honor
 Devin Islam 14 FL We are so blessed!  In Honor
 Devon Shaw 18 NY In memory of our son who never gave up. Miss you more than words can ever say. In Memory
 Andrew Jacob Palmer 8 OH We love and miss you so very much Drew bug! Mom, Dad, Emma, & Shae  In Memory
 Maggie Survance 19 OH 17 years in remission from Neuroblastoma! We’re so proud of you and of the way you handle all of the struggles and medical issues you have as a result of the cancer and chemo. We love you! In Honor
 Chris Becker 11 FL Our Kind, Brave, Fun-Loving Son In Memory
 Tommy Fountaine 38 PA  In Honor
 Kayla Callie Mickelsen 13 UT We are so proud of you Cancer survivor Kayla! Love, mom, dad, papa, and your puppies.  In Honor
 Ethan Wehrman 18 MN Ethan you are crossing the threshold to being an adult. I am so proud of all you have become. May you have a long and fruitful life.  In Honor
 Garrett R. Saenz 6 CA The most amazing person I’ve ever known.  In Memory
 Andrew A. Freideman 11 NJ  In Honor
 Kaydyn 9 TN Fly high sweet angel, love ya extra and miss you bunches  In Memory
 Gavin Fritts 11 months NC Gavin was here only a short time, but will be forever in our hearts.  In Memory
 Jerimya Leasure 6 MI Jerimya’s walk to remember  In Honor
 Kyle Favata Forever 19 NY Love you forever!  In Memory
 Santino Blake Miranda-Belunza 7 TX I love you my little warrior  In Honor
 Michael Jon Wielgus II 16 NJ Love & miss you MJ!  In Memory
 Maisie Webb 13 IL Maisie you are the strongest girl I know! Love you to the moon and back. Gma & Gpa Trower  In Honor
 Nathan Harrison McKean Forever 5 WA We miss you everyday. Love you!  In Memory
 Emma Parli 9 IL We love you, EMMAZING Emma. In Honor
 Gianna “G” Dias Forever 15 MA Fly High Gianna  In Memory
 Oliver Smith 12 Canada To our forever MVP, Oliver Smith. OllieBots forever.  In Memory
 Ariella Stein Forever 11 MD Ariella Strong  In Memory
 Matthew “Swirls” Cirelli Forever 19 MA Swirls Around the World. #SwirlsStrong  In Memory
 Mason Washburn 6.5 IL In honor of our grandson, Mason, cancer free 6 years from Stage IV Hepatoblastoma at birth. In Honor
 Nicholas DaSilva 11 NJ Stay Strong to all children  In Honor
 Christopher Buford 32 IL Dear Chris! You inspire us! So much love!  In Honor
 Sammy Donley 5 KS “Mom, I want to go to Heaven – the plea of a five-year-old. ” And so you did go, just two months later.  In Memory
 Clark Plummer 5 CA We’ve got this buddy, you are a warrior, you are #clarkstrong  In Honor
 Candace Keith 14 KY Candace you are our inspiration. Your infectious smile and faith in the Lord is contagious. We love you!  In Honor
 Jeremy Santana 14 MI Against all odds #62  In Honor
 Brave Dave 6 ND We live and miss you so very very much, David! Love, Your Entire Family and all our Friends!  In Memory
 Skylier mullins 28 KS Happy Birthday Gone but Not Forgotten I love you so much.  In Memory
 Eveline Garcia 7 CA To the bravest girl I’ve ever known. My daughter Eveline. And to all other little warriors. God bless you all  In Honor
 Timothy Wayne Rau 47 WA Survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, diagnosed at 4 now 47, remission for over 35 years. Attended Whitworth University, received BA in Technical Theater, married 16 years, has 3 purr kids. Loves NFL Carolina Panthers and NASCAR #19 Martin Truex Jr.  In Honor
 Christian Bradley Dexter 13 NE In honor of our son, Christian Bradley Dexter. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 14th, 2009. Christian has been off treatment since November 5th, 2012.  In Honor
 Camden Bataille 8 VA  In Honor
 Ember Miller 6 MI  In Honor
 Jackson Eric Gipe 12 IA  In Memory
 Brady Smith 10 MA  In Honor
Emma McFeely 20 VA  In Honor
 Sean Ries 12 NJ We are SO proud of you…your brave fight and never ending smile! Never ever give up, and we will never stop fighting to find a cure! We love you to the moon and back! Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Brian  In Honor
 Jeaneane Pavlicka 16 PA In memory of my beautiful hero and daughter Jeaneane  In Memory
 JARET MICHAEL CERINO Forever 7 OH Always in our hearts . Love you so much.  In Memory
 Dylan Gaston 20 TN  In Honor
 John David Scrivener 11 TX In Memory of John David – Love, Mom  In Memory
 Eli Sidler 16 PA In memory of my son Eli who fought bravely for 8 years before Ewing sarcoma took his life at age 16. Now we fight to end Ewing’s through The CHEMOWARRIOR Foundation.  In Memory
 Emilio Garcia 12 MI  In Honor
 Nicholas Schad 14 WI We lost our 14 year old son Nicholas to T-cell Lymphoma/Leukemia on Christmas Day 2014. He fought a very hard 7 month battle. July 25 2000-Dec. 25 2014  In Memory
 Karli Costley 14 TN Retinoblastoma survivor 11 years.  In Honor
 Anthony Monahan 2 CA  In Memory
 William Jasmine 26 NY Love you and wish you continued good health, Mama  In Honor
 Gianna Quintanilla-Ruiz 9 CA The bravest girl I know   In Honor
 Daniel Patrick Mooney 20 PA We Love & Miss you!  In Memory
 Zachary Barker 18 IN   In Honor
 Jared Zavala Rodriguez 9 TX   In Honor
 J Brandon Lorance 21 TX   In Honor
 Kelly Davidson 12 TX I still miss you everyday baby girl. I know your light is still shining bright in heaven.  In Memory
 Thomas Stork 10 SC Missing him everyday–both the boy he was and the man he would have become. Go Tigers!  In Memory
 ABBEY FOLTZ 19 OH In Loving Memory of our cherished daughter, Abbey Foltz. Jeff & Nan Foltz  In Memory
 Carson Montanez 11 CO  In Honor
 Clare Schmidt 7 MD Clare died in September 2005 after bone marrow transplant to treat relapsed pre-B ALL–the beloved child of Karen Melchar and Benno Schmidt, and sister of Phoebe Schmidt. We remember always.  In Memory
 McLean (Mac) Connor 7 MA Always in our hearts.  In Memory
 Tyler Cordle 3 ID Love and miss you so much, our precious TyTy  In Memory
 Lenny Valente 13 PA My Hero  In Memory
 Neyland Pickel 9 TN My hero had brain cancer age 3 then leukeimia which he has had 2 bone marrow transplants and is fighting once again relapse of leukuemia In Honor
 Kelsey Thorsen 7 UT You are loved and missed every day!  In Memory
Sully Shields 10 MD  In Honor
 Joshie Johnson 7 GA In loving memory of my Tater Tot, I miss you every day son and as always love you more than that.
With all of my heart and soul, Mommy
 In Memory
 Corbin Jones 16 MS  In Memory
 Layla Mewborn 4 NC  In Memory
 Robert Steven Ashley Jr 13 KY NEGU  In Honor
 Carter Ankeny 6 CA Forever our hero, forever our inspiration, forever loved, forever missed. #Carterstrongforever  In Memory
 Jayden 3.5 OK Jayden we love and miss you dearly, watch over mama, daddy, bubba and sissy and know you are loved and never will be forgotten, rest easy baby  In Memory
 John Martinez 15 CA In honor of my fighter John Martinez!! Diagnosed 5/11/13 at age 13. He will finish treatment August 2020 at age 16. #JohnStrong19  In Honor
 Charles “Charlie” Garmon 5 TX We love our little fighter, Charlie! Love MaMa and DaDa  In Honor
 Bear Cottingham 4 KS For our friend and superhero, Bear ! Love, Charlie, Karen & Heath  In Honor
 Charley Elise 6 FL To our friend, Charley Girl. In our hearts Forever ! Love, Charlie, Karen and Heath  In Memory
 Arianna Kovars 14 WI In Honor
 Mason Fletcher 6 AZ  In Honor
 Camron McClain 16 MN   In Memory
 Damon “Super D” Billeck 13 TX Damon—A hero’s greatness is not determined by the things he does, but rather by the people he inspired to keep helping others even after he’s gone. “Strength isn’t how much one can lift. Strength is how much one can lift others! Sweeties & Pals Forever!  In Memory
 Brent Eric Heady 15 IL  In Memory
 Gianna Sell 7 MI  In Honor
 Catherine Blair 8 VA For beautiful Catherine, forever in our hearts  In Memory
 Aaralyn 4 TX Miss and Love You So Much Baby Girl!  In Memory
 Gavin Fritts 11 months NC  In Memory
 Camden Popperwill 6 NC We are so proud of the courageous little man you have been these last 4 years and how you have never given up the fight! You are our hero! We love you to the moon and back! Daddy, Mommy, Haley & Robbie  In Honor
 Erik Sedillo Forever 13 MN 11 years…. missing you always.  In Memory
 Connie Persico Burcar 49 IL Proud 44 year Suvivor of Wilms Tumor  In Honor
 All Kids Fighting Cancer 1 IL Bless all the kids that are battling cancer and to the survivors!  In Honor
 All the Angels 1 IL Bless all the angels!  In Memory
 Avery Gladkowski 9 IL  In Honor
 Sean Witsoe 5 TN You are always in our hearts and on our minds. We love you Sean. Love, Mom, Dad, Connor, Anna, Ian and Matthew  In Memory
 Jarren Truman Sorters 19 AR ForeverMissingOne  In Memory
 Abby Furco 13 VA In honor of our amazing fighter!  In Honor
 Kenzie MacClelland 6 PA Kenzie has beaten kidney cancer twice. She has been cancer free since Nov 2, 2015! 4 years cancer free!  In Honor
 Leah Stoffer 13 MI In memory of our dear daughter taken too soon  In Memory
 Maverick Westover 14 OH  In Honor
 Rebecca H Truelsch 18 OH  In Memory
 Raeleigh 5 AL  In Honor
 Jordan Rapp 22 MI Seven year survivor  In Honor
 Megan Dunn 26 TN You are Cancer Free and we are so very proud of you. Your family at BessTalent C.A.R.E.S. #teamMegan  In Honor
 Derek John Gerlach 11 SD #fightDerekfightNever give up, never lose hope.  In Honor
 Sam Roszman 15 OH  In honor of my son, Sam, who is a true warrior! We love you!!  In Honor
 Joseph Corkins 16 MN  In memory of a great kid.  In Memory
 Delaney Goodner 16 CO  In memory of our beautiful daughter, Delaney Sue Goodner, who passed on 12/9/2011 from Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a childhood cancer. May we have research so other children cannot endure the horrible cancer treatments and live healthy, happy lives.  In Memory
 Jake McHugh 14 PA  In Memory
 Katie Lynn Shockley 11 LA  It’s been 10 1/2 years since you gained your wings and I miss you just as much now AD I did the day you left me! I love you beyond belief baby girl! 5/11/98 – 6/4/09  In Memory
 D.J. Ratliff 10 MA  Son your spirit and smile still brighten our every day. Our Christmas wish would be to have you in our arms.  In Memory
 Lucas Smith 3 OH  In Memory
Madison Firriolo 11 NY Our 5th Christmas without our precious daughter!! We miss you always and forever!  In Memory
 Giovanni Alan Torres 14 months IL  #GoGOLDForGio  In Memory
 Jackson Pardee 9 WA  In Honor
 Jack catilus 12 CA  In Honor
 McKenna WEtzel 7 CA  We love you high as the sky. Keep shining your light. In Memory
 Caleb Terry 10 UT  In Honor
 Devin James Murphy 11 OH  In Memory
 Joshua David Murphy 21 OH  In Memory
 Yarissa Diaz 6 TX We honor our grandchild for all the courage she has demonstrated our entire family.
God shines within her and has taught her to be our pillar of strength.
May God continue to bless her and all of her fellow warriors, past and present.
 In Honor
 Marshall Smith 22 NJ  In Memory
 Hayli Alizbeth Hough  14  NY  Miss you lil sister ever day.
Love always and forever,
Big sister, Stefani
 In Memory
 Hayli Alizbeth Hough  14  NY  Missing you sweet granddaughter.
Love always and forever.
 In Memory
 Hayli Alizbeth Hough  14  NY  Missing our angel every day.
Love you always and forever.
Mom and Dad
 In Memory
 Hayli Alizbeth Hough  14  NY  To my aunt Hayli, I see your pictures up at grandmas and she, mommy and grandpa talk about you all the time. Wish I could have met you.
Your niece,
Harper Alizbeth
 In Memory
 Hayli Alizbeth Hough  14  NY  To my aunt Hayli, I don’t know much about you as I’m only 1 1/2 but look forward to hearing all about you when I’m older.
Love your niece,
Kinsley Rose
 In Memory
 Sheri Duke 3 CA  To my sweet Sheri I miss you so love you mommy!! In Memory
 Ricky James III 4 GA  10th year missing you during the holidays. Forever loved, forever missed. Mommy  In Memory
 Micayla S. 16 FL  Mommy and Daddy love and miss you every second of everyday. XOXOXO  In Memory
 Grace Ekis 5 PA  In Memory
 Greg Lubin 36 CA  In honor of our son,Greg, our hero! In remission for 21 years!  In Honor
 Danielle Eichner 35 MD  In honor of our forever friend’s,Danielle and her mother, Marilyn!  In Honor
 Ryan Tomoff 24 MD  For our forever friend, Ryan and his Mom, Terri!  In Honor
 Deegan Scott 6 OH  In Honor
 Jenny Lynn Klein  9.5  MD  Forever in our hearts and minds, 32 years 12/13, missing you so very very much. In Memory
 Jenny Lynn Klein  9.5 MD Miss you so much love Bubba  In Memory
 Jenny Lynn Klein  9.5 MD  Miss you so much love Jason  In Memory
 Martin Thiele 18 GA  You are always in our thoughts and prayers. #TeamMartin  In Memory
 Paige Marie Lynell Hubbard 13 KY  #wings080515  In Memory
 Flavie Jubinville 15 QC  Forever 15 sweet Flavie… Always in our heart and thoughts. We love and miss you everyday.  In Memory
 Jaret Michael Cerino 7 OH  We love you and miss you always, little man!  In Memory
 Ashley Long 11 KY  In Memory
 Aaliyah Schulze 3 NC  In Memory
 Colton O’Neal 3 TX  We love and miss you Coco!  In Memory
 Christopher Rydeberg 11 IL  To my amazing Hero who has fought through cancer with a positive attitude. He makes me proud every single day!  In Honor
 Sydney Ives  11  IL  To an amazing Angel who won her fight and is pain free in heaven, watching over everyone.  In Memory
 Briana Loeding 8 IL  We love you, Bee.  In Memory
 Cassidy Harper 5 AR In honor of sweet Cassidy who is fight leukemia. She is a hero every day.  In Honor
Nico John Kap 11 CA Nico you amaze me daily! Love you so much!  In Honor
 Johann Doum 16 FL  In Memory
 Erin Noelle Frederick 18 VA  You are a true gift to the world.  In Honor
 Bella Serino 5 AK  In loving memory of our sweet Bella who we think about every day <3  In Memory
 Penelope Hintz 3 MT  In loving memory of our sweet Nella Bug that we still think about every day. In Memory
 Elise Piper 3 OR  1 year NED from medulloblastoma.  In Honor
 Shawn Heimbach 16 FL  We Love & Miss you Daily.
Merry Christmas in Heaven
Dad, Mom, TJ & Toby
 In Memory
 Caleb Ford 27 NY  Your are our Miracle son.
God bless you always. Dad and I love you.
 In Honor
 Kaia-Rai Schafer 14 MI  In Honor
 Dominic Vargas 11 MI  To my Precious Baby Dominic!!!
I love you, and Miss you so much!!!!!!
In Memory
 Emma Craig 4 CA  Daddy & Jessila love you forever  In Memory
 Addyson Brankle 10 IN  In Memory
 William Hutcherson 5 AL  In Honor
 Cheyanne fay martin 5 MI Always missed,never forgotten
3/28/07. 8/14/12 Love mom&dad,angelee,cj,logan,leland
 In Memory
 Emily Grace Townsend 10 TX  In Honor
 Mason Silva 1 MA  In memory of Baby Mason, the warrior who touched the lives of so many people.  In Memory
 Bill Donlon 19 IL  We miss you so much Bill. You were brave and noble in your fight against cancer.  In Memory
 Madisyn Woollett 7 GA  In memory of the bravest angel I know…my Madi Grace  In Memory
 Timothy Songster Jr  15  NE  Osteosarcoma NED 2 years  In Honor
 Nathaniel Joseph Contreras 9 CO  Missing Nathaniel every day since he left this world. Your memory is a treasure. We love and miss you, Nathaniel. Always in our hearts, Mom, Dad, Lucas and Matthew In Memory
 Stephanie~Lynn Costa 7 NY  In Memory
 Bailey Haney 2 CA  In loving memory of Bailey Lyn Haney  In Memory
 Tatumn Woodworth 4 FL  For the sweetest princess. We love and miss you, Tatumn.  In Memory
 Xander White 9 CT  Xander is in the fight for relapse neuroblastoma. He is the sweetest most darling child! God kissed the world the day Xander was born!  In Honor
 SydneyThe Cancer Slayer 16 ND  During this season we are sending love to the families who have lost someone to this horrible disease.
With love and slaying power
The Senior Family
 In Honor
 Lucas Anderson Giordano 18 CT  We love you and miss you 50,000 ways!  In Memory
 Franco Rafael Gonzalez Bucio 2 CA  Fought LMA

Hijo te extraño y te amo.

You were so courageous. Your love, smiles & kisses made me strong. You showed me what love is. You were my happiness. You were my everything. Today, All I have left are your memories.

In Memory
 Brianna Krahenbuhl 22 WI  With love, Grandma  In Honor
 Robbie Shinn 15 CA  In Memory
 Jaelee Munson 9 OK  We love you Princess Warrior!!
GoTeam Jaelee Strong!!
 In Honor
 Mia B. Gurevitz 7 IL  Mia, Our warrior forever LYCAY miss you with every beat of our hearts  In Memory
 Zachary 10 NY  In Honor
 Amelia Zemlock 22 CO  We are so proud of you, Amelia!! Your strength and resilience during this last 5 plus years is incredible!! We know that God has big plans for you and with his guidance you will have the life you have dreamt of!!
Love, Mom & Dad, Christian & Joey
 In Honor
Amaya Houle 18 MN  To our brave warrior Amaya – 10 years cancer free!  In Honor
 Jose ANGEL Mojica- Sánchez Jr.  16  PA  In Memory
 Christia Spurlin 9 NV  In loving memory of our loving sweet inspiring strong determine to beat cancer AngelChristia. She only lived 9 years 11 days 30 minutes battling ALL. She’s missed everyday for 20 years 1-5-1998 RIP Stia. Your family loves n misses you.  In Memory
 Luke HI  Your are our Kahie Aloha!  In Honor
 Zachary Scott Hormell 13 PA  IN MEMORY OF MY CHILD. FOREVER 13.  In Memory
 Hunter Moen 17 MN  In Honor
 Jeannine Kieft 52 CT  We miss you always and forever.
Love Dad & Mom
 In Memory
 Jesus Trujillo 7 CA Your big dreams inspired us all..  In Memory
 Emma O 16 MI  For my sweet Emma.
In Honor
 Judson Michael Shepherd 21 months NY  To my Sweet Boy Judson…GramGram and Poppop love and miss you so much♥️ Merry Christmas in Heaven Judd Judd  In Memory
 Quintin Cole 13 MN  Never Forgotten  In Memory
 Brian Andrew Phipps 8 AZ  03/16/1990 – 02/05/1999 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Rest in Paradise, Mommy Loves You
 In Memory
 Juan ruedas 12 TX  In Honor
 Annemarie Sawn 1 AZ  We miss you baby girl!  In Memory
 Kaleb Roberts 8 WA  In Honor
 Elizabeth Anne Hill 6 CA  Our feisty Princess Elizabeth fought acinar cell carcinoma of the pancreas for 2.5 years. In memory 2000-2007  In Memory
 Matthew Hill  18  CA  In Honor
 Carsten Watt 14 SD  Relapse ALL – Carsten is a fighter! We love you!  In Honor
 Ayla Griffiths 16 NY  Mom’s Heart.  In Memory
 Brenton Beshers 16 GA  Always our hero  In Memory
 Ellie Scherbarth 6.5 NE  We miss you!  In Memory
 Giselle Martinez 5 CA   In Honor
 Nathen Trueblood 8 OK  For my son, my superhero.  In Memory